Nadia Episode 19


Mr Ojo had just beaten up his wife who seemed not to be tires of the beaten.

Mr Ojo: if I continue with you, I will kill you in this house. Foolish woman

Mrs Ojo: You are the foolish man, your hands are not clean and that is why calamity is falling on you, your evil has gotten hold of you, wicked man!

Mr Ojo took a big stick and threw it at her but she dodges it and the stick landed on the television that was hanging on the wall shattering it to pieces.

Mrs Ojo: You see yourself? You’ve broken the television, you see your life? Tell me what you will sell now? Tell me useless man, you are a failure’, you have failed, you have sold everything in the house and used the money to drink, the only television left in the house you’ve broken it, maybe you will go and sell your kidney now to make money! Hunger will kill you in this house you will see.

Mr Ojo: After the hunger has killed your foolish father and wicked mother.

He started running after her and she ran out of the compound into the streets. This was not the first time she was having a fight with her her husband, she was used to his beatings and the whole area knew them and no one dares interfered in their fights anymore.

Mrs Ojo remembered when things were rosy and beautiful for her and her husband, she had cars upon cars, her children were schooling in the best schools in the country and her business was booming, but gradually everything had gone into the dust.

Maybe it was karma, maybe she was paying for her sins and her wickedness. She saw a stone near an uncompleted building and there she sat down and cried, as she remembered what happened 18years ago.

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Queen was her co-wife, she has been married into the house three years before Queen came, and when Queen came she was the love of everyone, she was a queen indeed, beautiful in heart and in face, at first both of them had lived in peace until Queen told her she was pregnant, she became jealous because she was in the house before the arrival of Queen and she had not been able to take in, she did everything possible for Queen to lose her pregnancy but that was not the case.

Queen gave birth to a beautiful baby girl 9months later, her hatred for Queen increased when after two months of putting to birth Queen told her she was pregnant again, she had advised Queen to abort the pregnancy that it was too early to get pregnant after putting to birth and Queen had insisted on talking to her husband first and after Queen told her husband of the pregnancy they decided to keep it.

Queen later told her that her husband was excited about the pregnancy and they were going to keep it. She remembered her anger and hatred and jealousy, she remembered plotting severally to poison Queen so she can miscarry but even after eating the poisoned food Queen blossomed with her baby and the pregnancy.

She remembered the day Queen finally put to birth, she remembered taking Queen to the hospital and after which she planned with the midwife to give Queen a dead baby, she remembered paying 700naira to the midwife who took a dead baby to Queen as her baby, she remembered Queens tears as she held onto the dead baby crying and kissing it all over, she remembered taking the baby from Queen saying she was going to bury it and giving it back to the midwife to give it to its real family.

She remembered taking Queen home and the sadness in the house that day, she remembered how she rejoiced in their sadness.

”Its karma indeed” she said to herself, “I am paying for my sins”