Nadia Episode 15


Stanley looked at the young girl in his house, he recognised her immediately, its the same girl that saved him three years ago, the same girl who had removed a bullet from his hand and took care of his hand. The same girl that didnt expose him to the police but let him stay in her uncompleted building till morning, the same girl he didnt go back to appreciate. The same girl that has hunted his sleep for three years, now that same girl was lying in his room helpless. He didnt know what to do, he quickly lifted her on his bed and thought for a while, he saw that her leg was tied, he saw different bruises on her body, she looked very weak, he tried to wake her up but after two attempts and no response, he decided to take her to a hospital.

Stanley made a deposit of 10,000 naira to the doctor and treatment was commenced immediately on Nadia, the doctor tried to know what happened to her from Stanley, but he had no idea, and so he had nothing to tell him. The doctor then explained to Stanley that he would need to deposit another 50,000 naira because Nadia had so many injuries on her.

“Firstly she has a crack in her scull and the wound in her head has already been infected for lack of proper treatment. She also had bruises all over her body from physical abuse, she is suffering from snake poison that has eaten up to her waist, she was even lucky for the first aid she applied on her leg if not the poison would have reached her heart by now, and that she is also suffering from continuous rape, lastly she is deeply traumatized and will take time to heal.”

Stanley was shocked, he didn’t know how just one small girl could suffer from all this. However he told the doctor to commence treatment immediately and forget the money that he would pay anything but they should give Nadia their best. The doctor assured him that Nadia would get the best.

Stanley didn’t know why he felt like that but he felt he owed Nadia his life, if she hadn’t removed the bullet that night, maybe it would have caused more damage on him, and if she had gone and called the police on him, maybe he would be in jail now or would even have died. So he owe his life to her and no matter the amount he would work hard to save her. And so he set out to work harder at his new office, he works extra time just to get the extra money for this young lady. She had called him Frank the first day she came, it only meant she knew his brother.

It took three weeks for Nadia to open her eyes, for this three weeks Stanley made the hospital his second home, he took flowered to her bedside every three days, but today when she finally woke up he was at home, his phone rang and when he checked it , he saw it was the doctor, when he heard she had finally opened her eyes, he jumped up and rushed off to the hospital.

When he got there, Nadia was sitted on the bed, he bought some fruit for her and as he walked in, he smiled at her. Nadia looked at him and smiled also.

”Am glad you are finally awake, I was beginning to get scared he finally said….”how are you feeling right now” he asked,

“I feel better, just a slight pain in my head..,”

” sorry about that” Stanley said, “let me leave you to rest for now, I will go and prepare cooked food for you, am sure after you eat good food that pain in your head will disappear, besides I have a lot of questions to ask you” he concluded, before standing up to go.

“How long have I been here” Nadia asked,

“three weeks” Stanley replied,

“three weeks wow!” Nadia exclaimed, it felt like yesterday when she climbed up from that room where she was locked in, she was still thinking when Stanley interrupted her thoughts,

”The excitement of seeing you awake didn’t make me think of anything before coming, however just have lots of rest when I get back we will talk.” Nadia didn’t reply, Stanley was about to step out, Nadia called him

”Frank, thank you for everything”. Stanley smiled again and then stepped out, she obviously does not know he is twin and he is not Frank, he shut the door behind him and walked away……