“My Wife And I …” season 1 episode 9


Nora had left the room for the bar. She was tired and also frustrated as she motioned closer to the oak bar and picked up a wine glass cup from the hanger and plopped down one of the barstools there, reaching for the small towel to be by her side and the wine itself. Just then, she began to drink too, till she was drunk and didn’t know what was happening again.
** ** **
Daniel had taken the two bottles demanded and another bottle of Irish Cream. He paid the bartender before he took his leave, already drunk. He wasn’t sure if he would be able to drive home safely, or if he wouldn’t kill a fellow before getting home. He just hopped inside the vehicle and kicked the engine, maneuvering from right to left till his destiny lead him to his house safely.
He parked the vehicle and dropped down from the car, leaning against it for a while. He wasn’t sure of what he would meet inside the house. Would Nora still be inside this house? He wondered as he threw his heavy body away from the vehicle and started walking inside the house. He got to the living room and wiped his face if he could still see very well, but there was no one on seat. He was beginning to think if his thought was real. She had left already.
He motioned further till he got to the bar and met Nora on the floor, drunk too. He bent and carried her up amidst his drunkenness. Then, Nora’s eyes opened slowly, but it was just blurry.
“Daniel..” she hit him by the chest and started making love confessions in her unconscious state. It seems it’s in a drunk state one can only know who’s in love with him. Daniel who was also drunk was managing to her utterances as he was making his own too, telling each other about their feelings. Daniel dropped her on their matrimonial bed and switched off the light as he jumped on the bed too. It’s only tomorrow the two would know what’s up.
** ** **
Daniel rolled from one side to the other, fast asleep. As he was sleeping, he felt something unusual had happened to him. He didn’t know what it really was, his eyes were too heavy that he felt he wouldn’t open them forever. He was sweating profusely even though the air conditioner of the room had been left on earlier in the day. It was already 11pm, his wife and himself were still fast asleep. He closed his eyes more firmly and drove into the dreamland.
It was just ten minutes past five in the morning, Nora opened her eyes slowly and tried to get the image of where she was. She opened it at once as she assessed where she was. Matrimonial room? Her matrimonial bed? What’s happening? She muttered as her heartbeat increased at once. What happened last night? She wondered as she looked by her left probably to remember what happened. Yes, she was drunk! Who carried her? She questioned herself as she turned her head to the right and saw Daniel by his side. Was she seeing the right thing or her eyes were just deceiving her? She had asked herself as she wiped her face again. What happened? She muttered under her breath as she took away the bed cover and met stains of blood on herself. Did something happen? She squinted her face slightly as shook her head in disbelief. How come? She kept asking herself rhetorical questions as she stood up and picked up her things. She couldn’t even remember what happened the previous night, probably because she was under the influence of the alcohol. She sure didn’t remember she said some incoherent words to Daniel, likewise Daniel too.
They were just drunk. She stepped out of the room to her own room. She just had her period done the previous week, could it be that something happened between her and Daniel? She wondered as she sat down on the chair near her standing mirror. Really? She chortled. Anyways, she didn’t feel bad about it, at least, that was her husband, not another man.
“But what do I do?” She wondered as she stepped into the bathroom to have a warm shower and get her stained clothes washed. Was this the beginning of joy in their lives? She had wondered as she questioned herself.
** ** **