MY WEDDING NIGHT…. Episode 18 – You are nothing but an opportunist.


“You have to tell me how you did it or i swear, i will blow off your head right now. I didn’t come all the way here to laugh with you” i threatened seriously. Esther breathed deeply, stared at me for some seconds before shrugging. “fine, sit down you will have your story” she said cautiously. “don’t worry about me, just talk” i pushed on harshly. “but why the fuck do you want to know how your husband died?. Anyway here is your story. You are still going down no matter what” she said with a smile, reached for the bottle of strong wine by her side, poured out a shot and gulped it all down. “you Africans are very dumb. You are nothing but an opportunist. You deserve whatever that is coming to you” she breathed fiercely. “do you know that I’ve been with Damian since my childhood. We were together all through high school and college. We were together till a silly friend of his dragged him to Africa. Everything changed from that moment, but i still waited and hoped. Then what?” she stopped, shook her head, sucked on her cigarette and blew out thick clouds of smoke, equally studying me cautiously. “i heard that a fucking black like you has gotten him completely off the hook. It was unbelievable. I couldn’t take it. I swore to ruin everything” she poured out while my hand trembled. “I made plans with my cousin who agreed with me in everything. We all joined Damian’s mother and her train. Together we came to Nigeria” she stopped and blew out more smoke from her mouth. “do you smoke?” she asked quietly. “no just continue with the story?” i urged.
“we arrived Nigeria and i still tried my best to stop him from marrying you but no he wouldn’t listen. So after the wedding when everyone was carried away with excitement. I discreetly told him to meet me at the garden by 12am. It was a long wait, but he finally showed up and i got him distracted while my cousin slit him up. It was a clean revenge, but the whole plan changed when we got to the room and saw you deeply asleep. Instead of killing you, we decided to pin the crime on you by getting your prints on the murder weapon. Unfortunately your mother inlaw spoiled everything the next morning by pulling out the knife from her dead son’s body. Anyway you are still damned. I heard the case is being moved over to my country” she concluded with a laugh while a cold shiver ran down my spine. That exact moment, somebody pushed on the door leading to the room which i earlier locked, drawing my attention and equally making me take my eyes off Esther. With that split opportunity, she pounced on me like a tiger, knocked me down and opened the room door. A white muscular guy walked in and grinned at me. “oh what do we have here?” he asked with a cold smile. I instantly knew he was the murderer. The idiot that murdered my husband.
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