My Rich Wife Episode 9

In all the years I have known Jocelyn, I have never seen her apologize to anyone, not even when she is obviously wrong. Hence I wasn’t expecting any apology from her but I have chosen never to apologize to her too. Let her experience the same wound and pain she has caused many people. Instead of her to apologize, she picked her phone and made a mobile transfer of N50,000 instantly into my account.

“Check your phone”, she told me. I checked my phone and it was a beep of the alert for the transaction.

“What is the money for?” I asked.

“Its for you”, she replied.

Thanks, I said.

“So where did you get a job?” Jocelyn asked me.

“Same school that offered me a job before”, I told her.

“But I thought we agreed that daddy will get you a more dignifying job and not this child’s play you call a job. How much will they pay you in a month? A job that has no iota of security and dignity. Why are you impatient? Please daddy must not hear this, he will definitely stop his bid to get you a better job. Please go and resign the job and I will pay you any amount they offered”. She pestered my life until I had to resign my appointment. We began to do like husband and wife but we could go a whole week without having sexual intimacy. It only happened when she deemed it fit and what I feel matter less but what she feels.

On the 4th of April I got a text from Kauna, “Patrick I am pregnant”. I called her immediately I saw the text but she didn’t pick her call. I tried again but she ignored my call. I kept trying and later her phone was switched off. I was worried and afraid of what will happen next. Jocelyn’s father will kill me if he hears about this. I began to think of what to do next.

“Should I run away? Should we go for abortion? What if something goes wrong during the abortion?” This is really a cross road for me. I just impregnated my sister-in-law, the daughter of a former Deputy Governor.

Throughout that day Kauna did not switch on her phone. That made me more worried and restless. This is a burden I cannot discuss with anyone, not even my closest friend, Evans. I was moody and sick. Jocelyn noticed my mood but I couldn’t tell her what my problem was.

All through the night I kept trying Kauna’s number but to no avail. At this time I knew I needed God to help me, but I have been far away from him. I abandoned him to give my flesh what it desired. I knelt down by my bedside to pray to God,

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“father I am a prodigal son and I have realized my foolishness, please take me back like the father of the prodigal son took him back.” My prayers carried no weight because my words were weak like a convicted criminal before a Judge.

By 8am the following morning, Kauna called to brief me about the pregnancy.

“What do we do now?” I asked her in confusion.

“I don’t know too and that’s why I am calling you. The pregnancy is already seven weeks and we need to do something very fast.”

“Have you told anybody about it?” I asked.

“No except my school friend, she was the first to discover I was pregnant. She took me to her doctor and I was confirmed to be seven weeks pregnant.” We were on phone for almost three minutes and non of us could say a word or hang up the phone.

Kauna’s pregnancy opened a new path of trial for me….
Kauna refused to confess to her family who was responsible for her pregnancy. She endured all the persecutions and intimidations for a whole month. I begged her to let us run away together since she has chosen not to get an abortion. I made her realise the implications of our action but she seemed to have a hidden plan. My silence became my nightmare to me. This is the time I needed to talk to someone about my plight.
I called our pastor to confide in him and seek his counsel. Pastor Lanre was really disappointed on hearing my confession. His first statement broke my heart so badly.

“A man who set his house on fire must inhale the smoke of the fire, you must take responsibility for your action”, he said. He sounded a bit harsh on me as he rained insults on me. “You have to confess your sin to your wife and father-in-law before they discover you are responsible for the pregnancy,” he counseled.

But how can I stand before my wife and tell her I impregnated her sister or before my no nonsense father-in-law that I impregnated his daughter? This is the most difficult thing to do this time.