My Rich Wife Episode 7


I was released after three days with an undertaking that I will never engage her in any violent activity again. I signed the undertaking knowing what was in my mind. I will only return to that house to pick my things. I am tired of the marriage that enslaved me. The day I was released, Kauna sent me N30,000 to book a hotel for her around Jabi claiming they are having a workshop that may likely not finish on time and coming to her sister’s place may just be impossible after the workshop. I told her everything that happened between me and her sister and how I was locked up for three days in a police cell. She felt sorry and promised we will talk about it when she comes to Abuja.

Her flight was 11am and by 12:32pm she called.

“I am in the airport come and lead me to the hotel let me have some rest before the workshop”. Immediately I left for the airport with a charted taxi. The same taxi drove us straight to the hotel. Kauna placed order for two plates of food while she rushed to take her shower.

Patrick, there’s no workshop anywhere, I came to Abuja just to see you. I have not been able to sleep since I left you. I have been having sleepless nights because of you. I became a regular adulterer, sleeping with my sister-in-law without remorse. All attempt to preach to myself didn’t yield any positive result as the force of lust became stronger than the voice of my conscience.

Satisfaction was written all over Kauna’s face. You better start going before she starts to suspect. Kauna advised me at about 3:30pm.

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I am not going anywhere, we will pass the night together here. She bought a return ticket scheduled for 8am the following day. I did that to see how Jocelyn will react if I didn’t sleep at home. When she got home and didn’t see me she called but I refused to pick her call. Fifteen minutes later she sent me a text,

“Patrick where are you?”. I didn’t reply either. Later again she sent another one,

” I am famished, come and get me something to eat”.

Can you imagine the stupidity of pride. A man you locked up for three days? In my mind I said, may that hunger kill you. I put off my phone and continued with Kauna.

We checked out by 6am in order to catch her 8am flight. I was with her at the airport until she boarded. Kauna begged me not to carry out my plan to leave the house. I consented because I didn’t want to hurt her. But this time I won’t be a full-time house husband. I will pick up a job regardless the amount. I want to be leaving home and coming back in the evening too. I want my own income no matter how small.

As I left the airport I put on my phone and messages of threat from Jocelyn flooded my phone. I was not worried because Kauna dropped some money with me that could keep me on for few days. When I got home I showered, changed my clothes and took my credentials in search of work. The first point of call was the private school that offered me N35,000 before.

We have filled the space but we will accept you if you are willing to work with us. We only have space in the nursery at the moment, if you don’t mind you can resume tomorrow since you have attended our interview before, the principal told me. I was happy and promised to resume tomorrow.

Her reaction when she came back from work surprised me.