My Personal Life Experience Season 1 Episode 17


Previously On My Personal Life Experience…

How could my very own Nana Yaa do that to me. What my friends used to say is coming to pass…

‘she will leave you and go for someone who has the same class with her’

I was about to off my phone when Dorcas’s call came through

‘i am going to give what you want to you Dorcas. This time around i will do it.’

‘oh Dorcas im going to swim in your pool this time around. I should’ve done this a long time ago’

I told my mum i had a meeting with a friend at East Legon and would be late in coming home. When i got to Dorcas’s house, she was so delighted to see me.

She hugged me and took me inside. She was wearing a silky blue short skirt with a white spaghetti top which revealed almost all her boobs.

Lust was in control of me..

‘i am going to rock you hard this afternoon. I will take your virginity and you will be mine’.

. ‘because  of you im no more lonely. Theophilus is as gentle as you are. .

‘Theophilus is an orphan and the family he is leaving with are her foster parents. He is not what you think he is’

. The most important thing is love and understanding.

When I got to the house, i decided to call her. There was a message on my phone from Nana Yaa it reads

‘I have been bold enough to tell you all that happened and now that i need you to help me solve the problem, you’ve rather turn your back on me.

The message really broke me into pieces and i decided to go and see her that very Sunday evening. I left the house immediately…Hmmmm matters of the heart… Lets see what happens next in episode



Mrs Anamam, Nana Yaa’s mother was attending to the horticulture in the house. She never leaves the flowers and grass in the care of no one,  though there were three care takers in the house.

I greeted and she asked me why i didnt come earlier. I realised Nana Yaa has not told her what happened. I lied to her that i was there yesterday but left to attend to some other issues.

I was told Nana Yaa was in the hall. I immediately entered the hall. She was sitting in one of the sofa’s in the main hall watching a movie.

I cleared my throat loudly for her to know i was around. She looked at me and then continued watching the movie as if nothing concerned her.

I went to kneel down infront of her and told her how sorry i was for behaving so rudely towards her. Tears started dropping down from her eyes.

I joined her in the sofa, hugged her and told her not to cry because it wont happen again.

‘you treated me as if i were some dirty clothes or rug just for telling you the truth. Why Nicholas, why’ she said still in tears.

I kissed her so she could stop talking. She held me tight, not wanting to let go. Her emotions were in control.

I assured her of my forgiveness and also my willingness to help her solve the problem. She looked into my face with her tear stained face and said

‘thank you baby’ i love you so much’

I cleaned her face and told her i will forever love her. She told me of her intention to change her number just to avoid calls from Daniel. I told her that wont solve the issue.

We should face and solve the issue once and for all.
We agreed to meet Daniel that evening to put some sense into his head.

We told Mrs Anaman we were checking on something around the hood and wont keep long. She assured us dinner will be ready by the time we returned.

Daniel wasn’t bad looking. The house was nice and everything in it showed wealth and class. A lady took us to the hall and asked us to give her a minute and exited into one of the rooms. Daniel emerged from a room i guessed was his. I said to myself

‘woow i now realised why Nana Yaa couldn’t resist you’.

He sat in the opposite sitter  and welcomed us. I went straight to the point.

‘Nana Yaa told me all that happened between you and her, trying to take advantage of her was so bad. You are very lucky she didnt tell her dad, maybe you would’ve been locked for attempted rape.

I guess you are not ignorant of her fathers position in this community. We don’t want to cause any casualties so please stop calling and texting her.’

He was somehow shaken by what I said. He thanked us for not letting no one know about it. He also promised to keep off. Nana Yaa’s dad was a highly respected man in the community.

He had links with ministers of state and the military as well and because of this people feared to do evil in the community.

We left Daniel ‘s house feeling happy and satisfied that we have been able to instill some fear into
him. We went to Nana Yaa’s house and food was ready at the dining table.

We joined her mum and whiles we were eating her mum told me to come and stay with them after my computer course. I was silent on that matter and i guessed her mum took my silent as a yes. I was confused at that moment but didnt reveal it.

After diner, i went to sit outside the corridor with Nana Yaa and discussed what her mum said. She was very happy. She said all sort of nice things we would do together after she complete school.

As she was rattling her happiness i was also thinking about the fact that i was working and not going for computer school. Also wont they restrict my movements.

Am i supposed to quit my job. I wanted to be a guy of myself and not depending on anybody’s wealth. I told Nana Yaa to put that topic away for the mean time.

We discussed about her final exams which was just a term away. She was happy high school would be over soon and she will have a full time with me.

She completing school would also be a problem because i have to be with her most of the time. Would my job permit that…. Hmmmm Nana Yaa completes school finally and things
began to change in a negative way……