My Misery Episode 5


One week after staying in Mr. John’s house, my dad started raising our building again. He started sooner than anticipated ‘cos I wanted to be close to Davidson for long. 
Because of the construction of our building my dad wouldn’t want to buy a T.V set so I could keep bordom away. And I am the type that loves watching movies. One fateful day I didn’t go to shop just so I could watch movie with my love, Davidson. 
Sadly, it was me who selected the movie we were going to watch. He had bulks of movies in his drawer. I selected a movie titled FIFTY SHADES OF GREY cos I thought movies with long titles are usually very interesting. The movie started quite fine before it went dirty. Did you just ask, 
‘What do you mean by it went Dirty?’ Well, I have never seen any movie as dirty as Fifty Shades Of Grey. There was a scene where the guy tied the lady’s hands to the upper part of the bed. He did same to her legs after taking off her clothes. Then he started licking her sensitive areas. I was embarrased. I got the remote and fast forwarded that part. But the next seen was worse than dirty. I quickly removed the disc and broke it. 
“My step mom owns that disc,” Davidson said. “She would be mad if she can’t find it when she returns!” he added. 
“I am sorry. I thought u own it,” I managed to say. But I wasn’t really sorry. I was furious rather, because the movie currupted my mind. It was just like porn. Something I have always avoided. It made me started thinking this kind of thought: 
“what if Davidson requested for s#x?” I also thought that kind of thought, “Would I be able to say No?” In life One should really be careful of the pictures one takes into his mind cos it will take a lifetime to get them out. I now developed this crazy habit of picturing people naked. Like when I just see you, I tend to kind of imagine you naked. I started feeling so s#xually excited. That image of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY refused to clear off my memory. 
I even started masturbating. This was unlike me. I knew. But it was already a Habit. *sobing*
To be continued