My Life As a Teacher Season 2 Episode 13


I read the message countless times trying to figure out what she meant by the strange accusation..i was still lying on my bed at night still thinking about the issue when joy call came in..

Me: hi ma’am

Joy: Jay sound somehow are you okay?

Me: *clears throat* oh am fine..

Joy: are you sure?

Weytin con be her business sef..”mcheeeew” I hissed in my mind..

Me: of course..

Joy: just wanted to say hi,,goodnight see you tomorrow *hung up*

I hissed and threw the phone on the bed..i later slept off unkownly though found myself on the floor when I woke up the b my fault..e no easy na,,go ask psquare jarwe..

i scratched my head and later entered the bathroom after fetching water from the tap..i dashed to school immediately after bathing as i was so late..

I was sitting in my office after the assembly with my whole body shaking of hunger..oh I remember I didn’t have lunch and dinner yesterday..d–n me,,I was only thinking of Sharon’s stomach kept screaming for food while my shaky mode was still active..a very soft knocks landed on my door..

Me: c..ome In *i stammered*

Joy stepped inside in her heel shoe wearing too much make up claded in a short mini skirt and a white flowerly designed top..she was holding a small polythene bag cartwalking towards me while I just stared in my usual state..

Joy: hi handsome

Me: morning Joy..*faked smile*

She placed the poly-bag on my table with a smile and pull out a small plate from the eyes grew wide and I can feel butterfly flying in my stomach..chaii..My eyes grew wider when I found out it was fried rice and chicken..i devoured the food hungrily in less than 5minutes ignoring joy presence..

”thanks” I muttered slowly..she pecked my cheek surprising me..she then packed the plate then walked out with her sweet smile..val entered few minutes later..

Me: val the bad man

Val: jayjay..this one our newly employed teacher Don dey cook for you I hope say no be weytin I dey think..

Me: *laughed* stupid guy

We chatted for almost an hour before he vacated my office to his..I dashed out of the school after long boring lesson trying as much as possible to avoid Sharon and joy..i was on my way home when I heard a car packed behind me..i turned back to see a blue 2015 Mercedes well packed..for some minutes I was amazed the type of car existed in the village..chaii..mesef must rich,,if na money ritual or cha-che stuff I no care..

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I was about continuing when I heard a voice “hi youngman” the sweetest femine voice called from behind after a closing sound of car door came to my hearing..i slowly turn back to meet this girl I could placed under “lost angel” category and of about 24..she was wearing a black shiny skimpy gown, white in complexion, killer front and back and above all extremely pretty..she owned the car?..chaii..

Me: Hi

Girl: Jenny..*smiling*

*cant believe her name is still angelic* I murmured

Me: can I help you?

Jenny: Actually,i was told a government school is in this area but it seems I have already lost my way coz I found none..

Me: it’s just down there*pointing at the direction*..but hope there is no problem coz I work there..

Jenny: wow..thats great.. am searching for you know a girl named William Sharon?

Hearing Sharon name made my heart skipped a beat..

Me: ye..s I do..but the lesson already ended for today..hope there is no problem..

Jenny: oh,,not at all..thank you young man..i mean Jason..*smiling*

Me: it’s nothing madam Jenny..

I turned back and was about leaving when she called me back..”aren’t you going home? ” she asked while I nodded yes..

Jenny: I should return the favour,,shouldn’t I?? *said rolling her eyes*

I would have declined but the sun is extremely hot..chaii.. I no wan die young na.. “thanks ma” I found myself saying and walked to her car..”sheke ” I opened the car door and sat in the air conditioned car..few seconds later..we zoomed off..

But there is still an un-answered question..why is the rich girl looking for Sharon..anyway,we gon find out in the next episode