My Girl-Episode 6


Sean frowns “I don’t think so. No. I have never met her in my entire life let alone kissed her”

“Good, that is all”

“But she said something else that we did it and she was certain it’s graduation night, and she is almost a month gone, but do you know the funny thing, I frigging don’t remember half of what went down that night, so what if?”

“ What if you smashed her? Dude don’t be stupid. Well… how could you remember, we had drugs, we had strong spirit and we did shit.. but I know you wasn’t with no girl, and even if you were with one you would have been too stoned to know where the right hole was so trust me, that girl be lying to you son, don’t get easily swayed. If it were truly your kid, how come for three months now no chick has come to find you or your parents? Has your parents been contacted? Look, I know girls like that, forget it. Wait! is that while you turned down that pretty brunet? she had the hots for you

“No, it was just the fact that she was giving me a drink I didn’t know where from and I just wanted to be careful, if I sleep with a girl I want to be sober doing so. And I ain’t taking any liquid or cigar from you ever again. You were the one that got my brains fried”

“Well you could easily have said no, but you didn’t, you took it, you loved it and you flew, literally, I remember you screaming and shouting cockroach and aliens in the building” Zackary laughs, Sean joins him

“No that was you actually”

“Oh shit!! Zackary laughs

They forget about the girl pregnant girl.

The girl comes back again, this time Sean doesn’t refuse her, but he doesn’t drink “Why don’t we go back to your place and finish the party?”

she whispers into his ears

“Why the hell not!!’ Sean smiles whispering back and they make their way out.

“That’s it son” Zachary claps his back and he goes out with a girl hanging on his arm too

Back at his apartment, Sean opens his drawer as she laid on his bed waiting and takes out a condom, he was going to be extra careful and sober while was at it.

Whoever that girl was, he didn’t want someone like her to turn up again to force a pregnancy on him and even if one did show up, he wanted to be able to say…Yes, he was the one.. or No he wasn’t with certainty.

But for that girl, that Megan whatever-her-surname-was, she was just as Zachary said, some gold-digger apparently trying to pin a  pregnancy which wasn’t his on him.

He was glad he didn’t listen to her and he prays to never have to see her ever again.



Megan had grown from a twenty-three year old insecure woman and a single mother with no hope, no direction and misplaced priorities to a single proud mother of one, with a focus, more drive and determined to be the best and do the best for her daughter.

After she gave birth to her daughter after working as a waitress in town, she had wanted to put her up for adoption, she had everything planned but that fateful day as soon as the child was born in the orphanage home where she worked and took care of kids, she knew there and then that she could never give up her daughter, never. So she took her child and she left that same night.

She did nanny jobs in order to spend time with her daughter and by the time Kikina Alexis-Grace turned two, she enrolled for a teaching course with the money she had saved, and after a year she got the job as a kindergarten teacher, and she was able to enroll Kikina into a school.

Yes, it had been one hard journey, cut off from her parents who didn’t want to have anything to do with her, going on with little to survive, kiki, her daughter seemed to be the only light in her life and she was determined to make the most for her, she loved her daughter and she had vowed to keep her safe, protect and never let anything or anyone harm or take her away from her.

Megan had come a long way, she had tried to build her life back together, forgetting that night years ago, forgetting the months that followed and the boy who walked away not wanting to know if he was actually a father .

But it seemed life had other plans. Tonia walked into her small house, as Kiki ran to hug her “Hello beautiful princess, how are you?’’ Tonia kisses her

“I am awesome” kiki says “ wait Aunty Tonia, I have to show you what I made today at school’’ Kiki ran to the bedroom

“Oh wow okay, I ain’t going anywhere” she says smiling at her, but when she turned to Megan, there was a sad smile on her face

“What’s wrong?’’ Megan asks her friend, she knew that face well, fear grips her “Is my mother okay, dad?’’ she holds her

“It’s not your parents”

“Then what’s wrong?”

“Sean O’Conner, he is back. he just moved back.”

Megan blinks

“Did you hear me Megan, Kiki’s father is back”

‘’Kikina is my daughter, her father is dead, that is all”

“But Megan, you can prove to him that you weren’t lying”

“She has no father Tonia, that is all there is to it. I will not let my daughter know a man who didn’t care to know about her. And I intend to keep it that way, forever. I don’t care that he is back, but he will never be her father, he’ll never know the truth” Megan snaps

“My father?’’

They turn so see kiki standing there puzzled

“Mum, are you talking about my father? Did you meet my father Aunt Kiki, mummy told me he went to heaven, did she lie to me?”” she had tears in her eyes

Megan leaves the chair and goes on her knees to be leveled with her four year old daughter

“Kikina, listen to me, mummy and Tonia are having adult talk okay, go to your room. But mummy didn’t lie”