My Girl-Episode 2


The form he was holding smelt nice, really nice, with his eyes closed his hands traveled over the form’s body, with his eyes closed his senses seemed heightened, or was it the alcohol and drugs in his system, he didn’t know, he giggles in his sleep.

The more he touched the form the more his body responded to it… especially when the form turns towards him.


She felt hands on her body, touching her, caressing her …she turns towards it because it was stirring feelings inside of her.

Was it the alcohol or was someone actually touching her? she etches closer to the warmth of the hands .
It was when the hands got to her breast and squeezed did she realize that truly there was someone in the room with her.

She jumps up from the bed.

“Who is there??’


Sean frowns noticing the form was no longer there, like it jumped out of his grasp. someone was speaking. Wait! did he hear someone speak or it was all in his head? he giggles

“Who is there?’ it came again

He found it hard opening his eyes and keeping them open

“It’s me, Superman”” he whispers laughing “who are you, the shadowed god ?”’ he giggles

Oh, he must have had one too many. He laughs

She frowns, it was dark.

Was it her mind playing tricks on her or someone was here, should she be scared, how the hell did she get here and why was it dark, where was her friend Tonia..and ..

Her head hurts, she staggers reaching the wall and finds the light… she puts it on to find not a ghost or a voice in her head but a guy who was on the bed, he tries to wade the light away from his eyes

“Vampires don’t use lights, they die, put it off ..sshhh put it off” he says


“The lights, it’s like the sun” he places his hand over his head and then touches his body “PKISSSSSS BURN, DIE,ME” he fakes a death, gets up and starts to laugh

“You are drunk” she says

“Says the girl who is wearing her shoes on wrong foots and wearing an upside down face” he laughs squinting his eyes and seeing double.

He was definitely really stoned. He laughs at himself

She looks down and indeed, he was right, she begins to laugh pointing at him

“And you have sperm on your hair”

He frowns touching his head and looks at his hand, it was creamish alright, he smells it, then he licks it

“The hell!’’ she squeezes her face

“Nope, not sperm. Cream, vanilla cream,” he says  looking around he notices the cup had fallen on the bed with the cream inside and his hair touched it. He picks it up, taking a spoon “Oh this is so good” he notices the bottle at the side, he grabs it, tips his head back and presses it, it filled his mouth…”Oh this is so good, you want some?”

She eyes him, “Yes” she climbs back on the bed and takes it from him, tips her head backwards and presses it..

“Oh heaven!’’ she licks her lips

They keep pressing till nothing is left, she presses the last of it, it spills on her lips and down her neck. He takes it and presses, it was empty.

“You finished it, you are such a glutton” he laughs

She licks her lips “Your fault, tasted so good” she licks her lips again.

He eyes her “Well you have some down your cheeks, lips and neck” he points and laughs,

He was so stoned he swears he laughs at everything funny or not

“Oh…?”’ she touches her neck and then whisks it with her finger and puts into her mouth

“Hey, that’s unfair, you finished it now you take the one from your neck too?’’

“Well, you want it?’

“Erm you finished it despite I found it first, I guess if I can lick it off my hair I can take it from your neck, you are not diseased with a plague are you?”

She scoffs “maybe I am” she laughs

Sean thinks for a moment “oh well, I am a vampire after all, I guess I can’t be killed because I am immortal” he says. She laughs bending her neck

“Well, try not to bite me ol’mighty vampire” she says

He leans and licks off the cream from her neck.

As he is licking it off, he holds her still with his hands, running his tongue on her neck licking it off and licking it off.

Then he licks the lope of her ear where some appeared, she moans, leaning into him

He giggles “Did I touch a sensitive spot?”

‘’yes” she blushes

“What other sensitive spots are there?’’

“Well if I tell everyone it wouldn’t be a secret would it?’’

He shakes his head, he still saw her in double, but whatever dream this was, he was liking it.

“Maybe I should find out myself”

“Hmm… I could wish you luck but you wouldn’t” she says

“You think so?’’

“I know so”

“Well… let’s see shall we?”’

“Hmm, let’s see” he holds her tighter, running his tongue up and down her neck… replacing his tongue with kisses when she didn’t moan.

“Oh I guess there is no sensitivity anymore, I wonder if it is anywhere else?’’he taps his jaw

“Who knows?” she says laughing

“Oh, i’ll find it”

‘”Go on” she teases

He lays her down, he kisses her face, her nose, her cheeks then he goes back to her neck, now he uses his hands to touch her legs and thighs slowly

By the time he got between her legs, they were both breathing hard and had responded to his touches.

They stare at each other, and in one swift move they capture each other’s lips, tearing their cloths off.

Running his hand to her waist he pulls away her panties and unclipping her bra.

She helps him undress… kissing and touching each other, caressing and feeling.

Laying her back on the bed, with her legs wrapped around him, his hands holding her hands above her head, he slowly sinks into her wet warmth between her legs as she moans out. Holding him tight they move in sync, fast and slow, kissing, kneading and touching , they dance his thrust deep and her aching body to him sure, twisting and yearning, moaning and groaning into each other until they both shatter in bliss together.

“I don’t even know your name”she tells him later on

“Sean O’Conner, you?”he laughs

“Megan Phillips”she snickers

Satiated,they fall asleep.


Sometime during the night, they stagger out of the room at separate times, while it was still dark, stumbling over bodies passed out and headed home.

They both get to their house and fall asleep on their beds.

And by morning, they had no memory of what happened the night before other than the fact that they went partying after their  graduation, had too many drinks, passed out and later had a friend drop them home.




“fxxk!!’’  Meg exclaims

“What is it, what did the test says?”

“It’s positive Tonia, it’s positive” she slips to the ground

”Shit! how come Meg?’’

‘‘I have not the faintest of ideas”

“Who was the last person you slept with without protection?’’ Tonia asks in disbelief

“I haven’t been with anyone since fred, we broke up a year ago. I don’t know Tonia, I don’t know who the father is”

They sit in silence

“Well you not virgin mary, someone knocked you up. But who?”

“My parents will kill me” Megan cried

“Yep, you are officially fxxked” Tonia says