My Father’s Desire Episode 2


“Who is Ikenna? I ask again, who is Ikenna?- that beggarly, miserably looking farmer that says he went to university? Let me tell you my young lady, I do not want to see him in this house again. I was not there when you promised him marriage so do not get me involved now. Go and see Edochie and do what I asked you if you know that this house will still accommodate both of us. I have said my own. I am going to see Mazi Uka’s house”, papa Adaobi voiced out.
Papa Adaobi left the house even before Adaobi could recover from the shock. For he knee his daughter and wouldn’t want to give her the chance to bombard him with questions. Adaobi stood fixed at where she was. She was so confused and did not know how to go about solving the problem before her. For some days now, she had been planing on how best to disclose her pregnancy to her father and now her father wanted to push her to a man. Adaobi who knew better than to ignore her father began to ask herself rhetorically.
“What do I do, oh, God? What do I do now? I am so confused.” What of my pregnancy? Should I tell my father that I am already pregnant for Ikem? Should I let Ikem know that I am carrying his baby? Should I terminate this pregnancy?” Adaobi wondered as she reflected.
The next day, Adaobi woke up very early. She did not sleep well the previous night because of her fathers words. She did her normal chores and left for Edochie house. When she got there, she knocked and the gate keeper opened the gate for her after asking her series questions. Adaobi entered the compound and was marvelled at what she saw, for she had never entered the compound before. The whole compound was decorated with colourful interlocking stones. There were also well-laid beautiful flowers adorning the walls. At the centre of the compound stood a beautiful ornamental tree. The duplex was painted in chocolate brown and white colour. As she was still admiring the compound, Edochie came out and shouted,
“Who is here? Is this not Adaobi, the only daughter of Mazi Okwu? I hope that I’m safe.”
“You are safe” Adaobi replied smiling.
“If you are sure that I am safe, lets go in” Edochie suggested.
“Make yourself comfortable,” Edochie said as he offered a seat to Adaobi as soon as they entered the tastefully furnished living room. Adaobi marvelled at the work of the interior decorator or whosoever that decorated the room. Art works were hung conspicuously on the wall and the floor was spread with flowered maroon coloured Arabian rug.
“So to what do I owe this visit for I must confess that I am surprised to see you in my house?” Edochie asked.
Adaobi didn’t know whether to get angry by the question or not. But she decided to keep her cool because she herself ordinarily could not have go to Edochie’s house. She had decided to swallow her pride and dance to her fathers tune.
“Well, I heard that you came back so I decided to pay you a visit. And since we went on this strike, I have been in this village and the whole thing is beginning to bore me,” Adaobi answered.
“That’s okay. Please do not be embarrassed by my incessant questions. It is just that the Adaobi I know hardly visits people. Any way, what do I offer you?”
“Anything” Adaobi said.
“Remember, anything is nothing but let me get a bottle of soft drink for you,” Edochie said and left. Adaobi continued to admire the living room until Edochie came back with a bottle of chilled soft drink and some snacks in a tray.
“How is your business and how is Lagos?” Adaobi asked as soon as Edochie kept the drink and the snack on a side table by Adaobi’s chair.
“Lagos is fine and my business is moving on well. Actually, I came back from France last week and since my goods are yet to arrive Nigeria, I decided to come down to the village and rest for a while. So I will likely go back to Lagos next week,” Edochie replied.
“That is all right, but please I will like to have your phone number and contact address before I leave. I plan to visit a friend of mine Lagos, so I may as well visit you. Just as I said earlier, I am beginning to get bored in this village and I do not know when the ASUU strike will be called off. So that is why I came to your house and I hope that you are no longer surprised at my visit.” Adaobi asked smiling.
“Of course, not,” Edochie replied.