My Father’s Desire Episode 14


On the eve of his departure, his parents called him and his father advise him in these words;
“My Son, have a seat and listen to us your parents. I must say that you have grown to become a hardworking man. Tomorrow, you will be going oversea to study. I must say that we are happy and sad at the same time. Happy because you deserved to go abroad and sad because this house will be empty without you. All the same, you have to go but I want you to be very careful. I am so confident that you will make us proud. Maintain your academic expertise. Do not allow the girls over there to distract you from your studies. May the good Lord protect and guide you over there. Your mum and I will continue to pray for you…”
“Dad, I will take care of myself over there.”
“Nnam listen to your father. Let him finish what he is saying.”
“What I was saying is that you should follow the wise so that you will be wise. I am through. Woman, do you have anything to say?”
“Darling, you have said it all. All I have to add is that as you go over there, follow the Bible principles we have taught you. Always remember that you are our only child and our only hope. Don’t quarrel with the white men for you can never be right in their own land. Pray always,” his mother added softly.
“Thanks, dad and mum. I promise that I will not let you down. I promise. I hope that two of you will take care of yourselves while I am away,” Echidime asked.
“Yes, we will try,” they chorused smiling.
***** ***** *****
Nnenna came home one afternoon and rushed to where her mother was getting things ready for their lunch and shouted;
“Mum! Mum!
“Good afternoon, mum.
“Good afternoon my daughter. How was school today? You look so excited,did anything happen today?
“Yes, mum, something happened. Can you guess what happened today?”
“No I can’t,” answered her mother surprised at what the excitement was all about.
“Tell me”, she pleaded.
“Well,mother,” Nnenna began, “Your lovely, adorable daughter has been offered an admission to study Industrial Chemistry abroad!”
“What!” exclaimed Adaobi.
“Oh, my God. This is good news. I can’t take this alone let me inform your father to come home right away. I am so happy for you and proud of you my daughter”.
When Obinna, Nnenna’s father came back that day, it was a celebration all the way.
“Come my daughter, how did it happen?” He asked.
“Dad, you know that Chemistry quiz organised by Shell Company last year? You remember that I represented my school and we won? This afternoon, my principal summoned me into his office and told me that my performance at the quiz competition was so outstanding that the organizers decided to send me abroad to further my education,” Nnenna explained excitedly.
Obinna and Adaobi were so happy for their daughter’s achievement.. That night, Adaobi thanked God personally for visiting and blessing her. Before they went to bed that night,her father promised to see the principal the next day…