My Father’s Desire Episode 13


Ifeoma was coming back from the market when a green coloured Toyota Camry car pulled up by her side the driver shouted her name,
Ifeoma stopped and tried to remember the face, then she exclaimed!
Nkoli alighted from the car and shook her head at the sight of what she saw.
“Ifeoma, is this you? Nkoli asked.
“My sister,it is me. You cant believe that I’m the one looking so haggard and unkempt, right?”
“What happened?” Nkoli asked again.
“My dear, it is a long story but to cut it short I got pregnant for my boyfriend Onyeka in my secondary school as you know. So I had to drop out of school to marry Onyeka. Because my parents were so disappointed at my behaviour, they literally pushed me out of the house to Onyeka’s house. And you wont believe it,all the things that Onyeka had been telling me that made me play with my studies and future were all lies. The worst of it is that since I gave birth to my daughter, my parents had not bothered to see me. I do not blame them because they gave me a wonderful opportunity and I misused it. Enough of me, what about you, I can see that you are really doing well’.
“I thank GOD. I went to the University of Abuja after our secondary school where I studied Medicine. I am now a medical doctor working in the University Teaching Hospital-UNTH Enugu”. Nkoli proudly explained to her friend.
“Ewo, I am happy for you my dear. And to think of that I also wanted to be a medical doctor before Onyeka came into my life and ruined my dreams, aspirations and future. I am now a petty trader. I also remember all the pieces of advice you gave me back then in school. Had it been that I listened to you who knows I would have graduated as a medical doctor and gotten my own car too. Well I guess it is useless crying over spilt milk. I must say that I am reaping the fruits of my disobedience,” she lamented.
“It is okay. Please take this ten thousand naira to manage yourself. See you some other time,” Nkoli said and entered her car and zoom off. Ifeoma thanked her and continued to wave at her till her car disappeared into thin air. She sighed and continued to go back to her house for if Onyeka came back and finds out that his food was not yet ready, Ifeoma would be severely beaten.
Throughout that evening and night, Ifeoma was in a mournful mood. She kept ruing the day she met Onyeka and agreed to become his girlfriend. She also kept ruing seeing Nkoli that very day. If not she would not have remembered the past she was trying desperately to get over with. That was her state of mind that she could neither eat nor concentrate on anything she was doing all through that day. She turned around and looked at her husband who was already snoring, she hated him with all her heart.
Meanwhile, the Mother General of the Divine Sisters’ Home, later placed Echidime for adoption. After three months, a couple known as Chief Sir & Lady John Emenike who had married for twelve years without a child adopted him as their child. Echidime grew up to become a responsible and good looking young man. Right from his nursery school, he always came first in his class. This continued throughout his primary to his secondary schools that by the time he finished his secondary education, his parents knew he would do well overseas. So they decided to send him abroad for his higher education after his secondary education because of his high level of intelligence. They prepared adequately for him so that he wont lack anything over there.
On the eve of his departure, his parents called him and his father advised him in these words;