Face book
********************MY RESEARCH & FINDINGS**************
I’ve been carrying out a research to determine the differences between those who insult others on Facebook and those who don’t but post interesting stuff on their Facebook walls. For the purposes of easy and unique identification, I’ve named the two subjects “insultants” and “happyants”. Now, this is how I do it. Anytime I chance upon any of such comments (insults/funny), I quickly go to the profile of the one commenting, read about him/her and also view the person’s pictures as many as I can. This gives me an idea of the kind of person he/she is. So far, my findings have been interesting and very revealing as two strong determinants have been found to be associated with the two subjects under study; “insultants” and “happyants”.
The results of my study are presented as follows. But for the purpose of respect for the privacy of my subjects, as well as ethical concerns, I shall NOT mention names as part of my findings.
So far, my findings have it that those who fall within this category are people who have enough food in their homes, strong educational backgrounds, and more importantly, people who are very beautiful and handsome. My findings show that those who eat well balanced diets are always happy and have well nourished brains leading to their ability to think better and perform academically. As a result of their constant intake of good and nutritious diets, they appear to have beautiful physical looks and as a result, they are often confident about themselves and harbour no hatred against others. These people always post stuffs that are exciting not only to themselves, but to all prying eyes.
This category of people according to my findings, are the exact opposite of the “Happyants” in that, they hardly eat balanced diets because they have little or no such foods in their homes. Such people also look very pathetic physically and turn to have weak/wobbling academic backgrounds. As a result of poor dieting, this class of people appear malnourished, “ugly” and hungry. Due to malnutrition and its resultant poor brain nourishment, this category of people turn to have poor memory, poor absorption, as well as disinterest in learning which subsequently leads to a weak academic performance. As they perform weak in all areas of their lives (physical appearance, academically) against their peers, they become dissatisfied, bitter and do what psychologists call “displacement of anger”. They simply insult others without provocation.
Malnutrition is a canker, very distasteful and affects every aspect of humans’ lives; physical appearance, psychological performance, academic performance and even a person’s mood. Remember the saying that “a hungry man is an angry man”.
The next time someone insults another on Facebook, just go to the person’s profile and read about him/her. Kindly do well to view the person’s pictures in its entirety if you can.
NB: Of course, there are weaknesses to my research but who would be happy to expose his research weaknesses?
There could also be exceptions but exceptions do not change the rules.