My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 43


We were still sitting down everybody keeping quiet when Mr Watson, James father stood up.

He walked close to James and


He landed a hot slap across the face of his son. D–n, I wish I was the one that did that.

James quickly stood up as he left in shame.

Mr Watson: I want to apologise on behalf of my son. Please Idris and everyone sitting here, forgive him. What he did is very bad and I promised to handle it with iron hand. for now, we are going back to the airport where we will take a flight back to our country England.

Chief Sunday: I insist you stay a little while lets discuss and settle things.

Mr Watson: there is no need to discuss. We are leaving so that you will have chance to amend all the wrongs in your family. I will call you when I get to England.

He said as he walked to the room he was occupying, got his things and in no time, he has walked out of our apartment with his wife and son James who walked out in shame.
Again, they was silence everywhere inside the house. My dad cleared his throat and began

chief Sunday: Idris my son.

Idris: yes sir!!

Chief Sunday: saying this is truly hard for me. We don’t deserve your forgiveness because we were not there for you when you needed us. You humbly risk your life in the place of my daughter, you have shown her love but the devil through we humans is trying to separate you guys. I want to tell you that I am truly sorry for everything I have done to you in the past. Please and please forgive me.

Ma’am Nancy: *speaking for the first time* Idris, we are really sorry for everything. Please forgive us. We didn’t mean to harm you, it was the work of the devil.

I turned and looked at Idris, he smiled and answered them.

Idris: I will forgive you guys only on one condition.

Chief Sunday: which is?

Idris: you also forgive miracle! I know she is sorry for all what she have done wherever she is now.

I was happy, very happy because Idris made a nice choice. My dad and mum were silent for some seconds before my dad spoke out.

Chief Sunday: no problem she is fully forgiven.

Me: yes!!!!!!

Ma’am Nancy: what about her pregnancy, remember the child is also Idris child whether he was drugged or not.

Idris: I will take responsibility for the child immediately the child is born, that is if Stephanie is ok with it..

Me: why not? I am ok with that. The child will live with us while Miracle will be in search for a husband.

Ma’am Nancy: thank you very much sweet heart.

Me: mum, dad we want to be going over to my house now. We still have some talking and catching up to do.

Chief Sunday: no problem my daughter, go well.

He said and me and Idris left our family’s house.

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It was as if my eyes was open. I was very ashamed for everything I have done in the life of my sister.

Oh yes, what I am desperately in need of is forgiveness.

Me: Will she forgive me?

I asked myself as I got prepared and left my apartment going to her house to ask and beg for forgiveness.


Me: D–n, how can a whole me be disgraced like that. Me, James!!! Never, I must surely get my revenge.

I said very angry. We were lodged in a hotel so sneaking out of it wasn’t hard. In my state of vexnation, I took my revolver (pistol) heading straight to stephanie’s house, they must all pay for all they have done.
Meanwhile: stephanie and Idris were having a nice time when Miracle came crying. She fell on her knees and was busy begging for forgiveness.

Stephanie walked to her and hugged her telling her that she has been truly forgiven.

When they were about to celebrate, James came inside the house.
I entered inside her house and jackpot, all the people I need was there.

Without wasting time, I gave them three headshots……




they all fell to the ground and I smiled at my shooting skills. I made sure they were all dead before I ran out to the hotel we were lodged.
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