My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 42



Me: am still waiting, you better talk before I do something bad to you right now.

Idris: common steph, It hasn’t gotten to this point. Lets think things through like an adult that we are, not like children.

Me: you don’t understand! What this evil witch is hiding might be the information that’s going to redeem our relationship.

James: just drop the knife a……..

Me: *interrupting him* Shut up you b—–d. Move an inch and I will stab you to death. If you think I am lying then near me and you won’t live to tell the tale.

I shouted and he got scared immediately. He was shaking like a leaf and he couldn’t move. Miracle was a stone cold devil, she didn’t even care at all.

My dad couldn’t call any of his guard nor the police because the doors were locked and the keys are with me. My mum, Mr and Mrs Watson were looking with mouth agape.

Me: I won’t repeat this again. Tell mum and dad everything you told James over the phone, the conversation you both had.

Miracle: *eyes widened*

Me: hahahaha. Don’t be surprise. I forgot something and I came back to get it, only for you to be telling James how you set Idris and I up in other to destroy our relationship.

Chief Sunday: what!! Stephanie are you sure of this?

Me: yes dad.

Miracle: its a lie, she is…….

She hadn’t complete the statement when I lashed her one hot koboko on her head.

God will bless the fulani man that made this long and thin three mouth koboko. Immediately it landed on her head, the koboko twisted itself like a snake holding her tight on her neck.

I withdrew it and gave her another killing lash. this time, she fell on the ground and started to roll like someone under anointing.

My dad was very angry at this that he tried advancing towards me with full agility but the knife in my hand scared him back to his seat.

Miracle: I will confess please don’t flog me again.

She cried. Truly speaking, I was trying my best not to cry. Miracle is someone I truly love. She is my little sister but if her heart can be this wicked, then I have started to believe the popular saying “PUT ALL YOUR TRUST IN GOD ALONE”

I looked at her neck and they was traces of blood from the scar made by the whip. She stood up and cleaned her eyes.

Chief Sunday: you will confess?

Ma’am Nancy: What confession are you talking about?

Miracle: *crying profusely* it all started from the day I met Idris in the hospital when he took four bullets in place of steph

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She narrated everything. How she made my trip to England work out, how she collided and teamed up with James, how she drugged Idris and made the video tape and lastly, she dropped the bombshell that she is pregnant.
When she was through with her confession, I felt great pity for her as I got close to her wanting to hug her and cry on her shoulders. It wasn’t her fault at all. It was just love at first sight coated with youthful exuberance that made her become this evil. Perhaps a little word of comfort and advise is all she needed in the first place.

The pain and guilt she felt was really great on her and she ran out of the room in the presence of everyone.

James was just looking down in shame. His parents were disappointed in him and my dad wasn’t himself. How is he going to apologise to Idris after puting him in police custody.

My mum was busy crying at all the evil things her little daughter did. Tears were on Idris eyes and I wasn’t myself too. I know what Miracle did was wrong and right now, she is desperately in need of company.

The whole room was filled with silence, fear, sorrow, pity, sadness and confusion.
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