My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 31


I got to Samuel’s apartment and I parked my car under a tree before walking to his door post.

*knock* *knock*
Samuel: yes, who is it?

Me: please sammy open the door, it’s me stephanie.

After a few minutes, the door got open but it wasn’t Samuel that opened it. It was Idris’s mother.

Mother: yes, wetin you dey find here?

Me: good morning ma. please can I see Idris, I know he is inside.

Mother: no, why you want see am? You don cause too much trouble for my pikin. Because of you, hire killers almost kill am. Because of you, Idris sleep for police station. Now you don carry your wahala come again. Abeg you with almighty God, leave my son alone. Plenty rich boys dey where you fit marry. Abi na because of we be poor people that’s why una dey treat us any how?

The old woman speech got me as tears came down from my eyes.

Me: please mum, it’s not so. I caught your son cheating on me that’s…

Mother: that one no be true.

She said interrupting Stephanie.

Mother: the pikin wey me I born no dey follow follow girls. I know Idris very well and una dey suffer the innocent boy for nothing. I go just advice you to leave and never in your life return because my son dey go choose another girl to marry.

She said and closed the door. At this point, more tears were coming out of my eyes. Now his mother is also against me. I ran and entered inside my car as I angrily drove off.

Samuel: na who be that?

Mum: na dat useless girl o. She don carry her wahala come again. Why she no just fit leave my son for heaven sake na.

Samuel: hahaha, na love o.

Mum: I no like that kind useless love wey one destroy my pikin. I no like am at all.

Samuel: ok o.

Mum: abeg Samuel, if Idris wake up no tell am say Stephanie come here o.

Samuel: sure, I no go tell am.

Mum: ok, thank you very much.

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I couldn’t concentrate on the road as tears were coming from my eyes. So it is true he is taking a new wife.

D–n, I needed company badly. Someone to prevent me from drinking excess alcohol because only God knows the number of wine I am going to drink in other to forget this treachery.

By God grace, I was able to reach my house safely. I would have called Miracle to come and stay with me but I don’t want to disturb her with my own problems.

I entered inside my house and was taken aback.

Me: is this really my house?

I asked no one in particular. The whole place was designed with rose flowers, my favourite. There were four violinist at each corner of the house playing a cool song.

My chairs were shifted to one corner to create a large space in the middle were a table for two was set.

I got close to the table and two plates of food was kept on it. Another love shaped rose flowers were also placed on the table. There was two bottles of my favourite non alcoholic wine at the sides of each plate.

Me: who could be behind this?

I asked as I turned around and saw James standing there, looking at me with a charming smile.

Hmm, just when I needed company. Even though its not from James, I am still happy he is here or else I would have done something crazy to myself.
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