My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 13



I was super delighted when i heard the news. Wow, a friend in need is a friend indeed and bolanle has proven her friendship to me.

I know i owe her one. I picked up my phone and called Stephanie in other to see her reaction.

Me: *happy* hello stephanie.

Stephanie: *not so happy* Miracle whatsup?

Me: congratulations oo..

Stephanie: why are you congratulating me?

Me: i have heard the news now. England babe, you dey vex o.

Stephanie: hahaha, come to think of it, who told you about the news.

Me: *thought for a while* Erm, erm, i saw it on the net.

Stephanie: like seriously?

Me: yes.

Stephanie: am still contemplating if i will go o.

Me: don’t say that thing again. You must go.

Stephanie: why?

Me: because i want my friends to be jealous. You understand na, for my sister to go to England no be beans o.

Stephanie: you and this your bad English.

Me: hahaha.

Though we are sisters and in our family we don’t speak pidgin English, i was different. Why not, No be naija we dey?

Me: so are you going or not.

Stephanie: i might..

Me: *interrupting* Yes or No

Stephanie: yes oo.

Me: very good. Lemme inform daddy and mummy about the goodnews.

Stephanie: chaiii. Miracle, you will not change o.

I cut the call and told dad and mum about the news. They were so excited in hearing the news and they called Stephanie in other to congratulate her.

Me: yes!

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I jumped on my bed. Wow, wow, wow. All my plans are going smoothly well. Wow, the first plan was a success, the second plan was also a success. Time to initiate the third.

I picked up my phone and called James. An England fella. We were close friends back then when my dad resides in England. James was our neighbour and when we were little, he and stephanie both felt something for each other. Its time to bring back old flames.

Me: hello.

James: *England accent* who is this? by the way, who gave you my phone number because i don’t normally keep friends outside this country. Even if i do, its definitely not from Nigeria.

Me: hmmm, as rude as always.

James: *England accent* it seems you don’t have anything to say. Good bye.

Me: wait, wait,wait. Its me Miracle, do you remember?

James. No

Me: your neighbour back then in England.

James: no idea.

Me: Stephanie’s little sister na.

James: oh, you mean the daughter of Mr Sunday?

Me: yes na. So its now you remember.

James : hahaha. Am so sorry and forgive my rude manners. Today has been hectic for me..

Me: no problem boy. You are forgiven.

James. So how is your beautiful sister na?

Me: its because of her i called.

James. I hope nothing bad has happened to her.

Me: no, God forbid.

James: so?

Me: she is coming over to England for a movie shoot.

James: what!! You must be kidding right.

Me: no, not at all.

James: can you send me her number?

Me: not now. I want you to give her a surprise visit over there in England.

Giving him her phone number isn’t professional as she might suspect am up to no good if she later finds out.

James: you are right. A surprise visit will be nice. Send me the address of the place they will be staying, the hotel they will lodge and everything. One more thing, how did you get my phone number?

Me: forget about that one for now, do you still want the address?

James: yes, i need it please.

Me: very good.

I said and ended the call preventing further questions. So far so good.
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