My Celebrity Girlfriend Episode 3


I kept looking at my celebrity crush till she was walking into the building. Just then, her purse fell down and one of her guards hurriedly went to pick it for her.
As he was about picking it, i don’t know the exact thing he did. Maybe a little dust touched her shoe or something but the next thing i heard was
that kind slap were army man dey tear boko haram. Immediately cold shiver started going through my spine. I look my time, 8:30am. Jesus Christ, the time wey dey give me for the interview na 8:35am. Oh my God, how i go take reach the 7th floor in less than 5 minutes and the way i see am so, security check up they well well o. The worst part of it was that i entered inside the compound around 7:45am. I can’t believe i spent close to one hour looking at God’s finest creation.

With the speed of light, (combine both flash and zoom) i rushed into the office. Believe me my brethren, i can’t explain how i got there but what i know was that i was at the front of the office the interview was taking place.

Voice: next applicant come in.

Me: ok sir *judging from the voice*
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The interview was nice. The question that were asked was very easy. I kept answering them on and on. Infact i did oversabi. lol i must get this job by fire by force.
I went to the hall way and saw other applicant. I started sizing them up, something i would have done before the interview.
Me: wow, this job is mine already
i said as i saw that those guys were no match to me..
In dressing, i pass them.
Speaking, i pass them.
Infact i know that when it comes to intelligence, i am a step ahead of them.
I came out of the company and was about to go home when i sighted that BMW car.
Me: yes oo, she must be inside.
I said and found a place to squat down. Chaii, the place i was sitting down was without roof and the sun was blazing me.
Infact, i started seeing double. I can swear that after now, one bad fever go nack me.. Well i no go leave here oo. Thank God say Agbor dey.
Soon enough, the man that conducted the interview walked out followed by the other applicants.
I was still sitting down under the blazing sun, by that time, the whole environment was empty and quiet.
Just then, the angel came by. She looked around and since i was the only person there, she called me..

Stephanie: *American accent* hey boy, please come over!

Me: * iyeeeeeee, today na celebrating things on point. I swear to God, i must pay my tithe. Infact the first person to comment go receive free gift from me*

i said in my mind as i used that same lightening speed i used in the morning to approach her.

Me: *prostrating almost lying down flat on the ground the way the yoruba use to do.. Chaii a whole big boy like me* Good morning ma, sorry i mean evening, sorry i mean afternoon ma..
Stephanie: *smiled showing those angelic teeth* the guy that conducted the interview has he gone home.
Me: yes ma..
Stephanie: d–n
she said and ran back to the building.
i was like OSAMA BIN LADEN.
i was like PAPILO.
i just waited jejely till she entered the building. Then i ran with full speed and slide (the way footballers use to do when they score a hat trick goal.

Me: *sliding on the ground* YESSSS!!!!!!
The whole security men were looking at him and they were laughing st me seriously.
Security 1: is that not the guy that was looking stephanie for more than one hour in the morning?
Security 2: yes oo, see as him dey summersault round the whole compound.
Security 3: chaii na wow for some people oo. Girl wey get bad character self.
I don’t give a f–k to what they were saying. I passed by them smiling happily and was thinking about that angelic voice.
I didn’t look at my road as i was blind physically, spiritually and emotionally. Chaiii, i talk to stephanie!
I talk to stephanie! Were the word ringing on my head when i heard
i hit a girl carrying a crate of egg and it fell down.
The whole egg got broken. I no even mind as i continue they laff dey go my way. Unknown to me, the girl boyfriend na one strong cultist and him and he guyz dey my back dey watch me..
I talk to stephanie.
The mighty idris talked to stephanie.
Me: chaii levels don change ooo.
Before i knew it, i was surrounded.
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