My Celebrity Girlfriend Episode 20


I reached the gate of her apartment, i must confess, the house is very very big for one person to stay alone.

I pressed the button on the gate and a well dressed man came out.

Gateman: how can i help you?

Me: i am the new PA to stephanie and i am here for the second editing.

Gateman: the time is too early. She is still sleeping. i will advice you to go and come back later.

Me: but sir, the place i am coming from is to far, just let me inside. I can wait for her to wake up.

Gateman: no problem, just come in.

The gateman man led me inside the well furnished apartment. The interior of the house is well furnished with nice paintings. Her full portrait was hung on the wall.

Me: wow, so beautiful.. That most be her dad chief Sunday, her mum ma’am Nancy and little sister Miracle.

I said as i walked close to the pictures and was observing them.

Stephanie: you seems to like my family right?

Me: *shocked* Goodmorning ma!

Stephanie: morning, i said come early but i didn’t mean for you to wake me up from sleep.

Me: sorry ma..

Stephanie: hmmm

she turned back and i almost faint, you need to see this girl in a night gown. She is so so beautiful and unique. Over packaging won blind me. Chaiii!!

Stephanie: *shouted from the kitchen*what!! No food in this house.

She said and came out of the kitchen furiously. She entered inside her room and picked her phone.

Stephanie: are you mad?

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Caller: *************

Stephanie: shut up, what is good about this morning? Why didn’t you come and prepare my morning food?

Caller: *************

Stephanie: so because your brother is sick thats why you want to starve me to death right?

Caller: *************

Stephanie: alright, you are fired. Don’t bother coming back.

She said and cut the call but quickly redialled another number.

Stephanie: hello shade

caller: *************

Stephanie: please can you get me another cook?

Caller: *************

Stephanie: forget about the first, i need another cook asap.

Caller: *************

Stephanie: what do you mean by you can get another cook for me?

Caller: *************

Stephanie: ok no problem, bye.

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I come pity for the girl enh. I no sabi cook but i fit fix breakfasts for her na. Bread, tea and eggs will do the trick.

So i entered inside her room to see her sitting on her bed.

Stephanie: what are you doing here?

Me: i over heard your discussion so i came to offer you help. I can fix breakfast for you.

Stephanie: ahaa, so you can cook?

Me: *abeg i no sabi cook but just want help you* its just that i can prepare breakfast for you…

Stephanie: ok, i have all the ingredients for fried rice and chicken in my kitchen.

Me: enh??

Stephanie: shey you said you can cook. Then prepare fried rice and chicken for me or you lose your job. Also the food must be tasty and delicious or you lose your job.

Me: *Iyeeeee, i don finally die*

na from where i want even start, me wey no know how to prepare jollof rice. I want help her fry eggs and boil water for tea for her before oo now she don demand for fried rice and chicken.. I don die!!!!!!
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