My BestFriend, My Love Season 3 Episode 5


Then, we went back to his room and ate there. Jide and I left after eating and we went to my room afterwards. We spent the night together. The next day, he left to study and I also went with the girls to pay for the grades. Days after saw me spending more time with the girls. Jide was so busy studying for the exams, Rabby also kept checking up to make sure I was studying and Brian was also busy studying. I saw Stanley a few times, and anytime I did, I ignored him and went my way.
The days went by so fast and before we knew it, the semester was ending. It was two days to my last paper and I couldn’t wait to write and be done with it. I had already paid for the grade so I had nothing to worry about. Jide and the others were done so I was the only one who had one more paper to write and we planned that after my paper, we would party hard. I read through the notes the night before the paper to have a fair idea of what every topic. So, I was able to answer a few questions to my satisfaction when the time was due and after, I met Rabby and asked how it went; she looked like she had killed it and I told her I did too. I said ‘bye’ to her and told her to enjoy her vacation as I knew that would be the last time I was seeing her until the next semester.
We parted ways after and that evening, the girls and I went to Miley’s house. Jide came with us, as the girls had gotten so used to him being with us. There, Jide invited four friends over. We wanted to have fun and so we got drinks, chicken and pizza. And when Jide’s friends came, we played drinking games. We played, ‘never have I ever,’ and we all ended up drinking so much. After, we played ‘spin the bottle’ and Miley was the first to go, she chose ‘dare’ and was asked to kiss Jide for two minutes. ‘What?’ I asked. And they said, ‘it’s just a game,’ so I laughed and with the alcohol in my body, I couldn’t care more.

They kissed and instead of me getting jealous at how sensual it was and how long they kept, I cheered them up. It was crazy and I was also dared to kiss all the others. We had a lot of fun that night and as we played the game, Tia’s phone rang. It was Josh and he said he was on his way to Miley’s apartment. He was coming to take her out so he asked her to get ready. That brought the game to an end and Jide’s friends left after. We helped Tia choose the perfect outfit and Myra, our make-up artiste made her up. Tia was tipsy and we asked her to drink water and an energy drink to make her feel better. 
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In less than an hour, Josh was at our gate. We walked with her to meet him outside and then we bade them goodbye. When they left, we went back into the house and then, Thelma’s phone rang. Tom was coming over with Brad and she was so excited. Tom and Thelma were still together and Miley was excited at the thought of Brad coming over. The two guys came and took Thelma and Miley away. I was left alone with Jide and Myra after and not wanting Myra to feel alone, I called Brian and asked what he was doing. He had told me earlier that he was in a group meeting so he couldn’t join us. But it was midnight and I expected him to be done, so when I called I wasn’t surprised when he told me he was asleep. 

So, I asked him to dress up and gave him thirty minutes to be done. Then, I asked Jide to drive us to campus to get him. We went back to town after getting Brad and met Miley, Thelma, Brad and Tom in one of the clubs. We had so much fun there and when it was 4:00am, we left the club. Jide and I went back to Miley’s apartment and the others went their separate ways. The subsequent nights saw us going for parties and having lots of fun till the day we were required to move out of campus to our various homes. That day, the girls and I met in Tia’s room and thought about the vacation and agreed to stay in contact and still have fun like we always did. It was going to be difficult for me because of my mom but I knew that I would definitely find a way to be with them. 

I left campus that day and in the evening, at home, Jeff called my mom and asked us to come over to his house for dinner. We had no idea what to expect when we left to his house, and when we got there, we realized it was a big thing. So many people were in the house and there was music, Kobe and Brian were there. My mom’s work mates were there too. I knew then that, Jeff was going to propose to my mom that night. So when he saw us enter, he got the microphone and said, ‘so the woman we’ve all been waiting for is finally here.’ Everyone stood on their feet and clapped as my confused mom walked towards Jeff. 

He said, ‘I love you so much Vida. Will you marry me?’ He went down on his knees and proposed to my mom. It was so nice and romantic of him and my mom, happily said “yes” and he hugged her and they kissed. I was standing next to Brian and Kobe, and right after my mom said yes, we walked closer to the two of them and hugged them. My mom was finally marrying him; meaning we would be moving in with them. The thought of it made me so excited; I loved the mansion and couldn’t wait for the wedding.