My Bestfriend My Love ~Episode 2


When we got to my house, all I could do was hug Stanley. I kept crying and then I asked how long he had known about it and he said it had been awhile. He said he had been seeing Jide and the girl so many times on campus but he didn’t want to conclude that there was something going on between them until that day. The girl was his course mate and he overheard her talking to her friends about Jide and how much she loved him. He saying that made me cry the more.
“So he left me because of her.” I said, and I kept crying. We sat on the sofa in my hall as we spoke and Stanley held my chin up, looked into my eyes and said, 
‘Pearl that girl has nothing you don’t have, you are prettier than she is. He was stupid enough to let you go so stop crying.’ 
His words melted my heart and I couldn’t fight the urge to kiss him. We kissed and it felt better than the ones I had with Jide. He kissed back and we stopped after a few minutes. But I wanted more and before I could say jack, he kissed me again and this time, we stopped when he suggested we went to my room. 
There, we kept kissing and then we ended up doing something wonderful. We had sex. He broke my virginity and though it was painful at first, I enjoyed it. And after, we both lay on the bed and said nothing to each other. I had broken my vow to stay chaste until my wedding night and I didn’t regret it. At least it was with Stan so I hoped in my heart that God would understand. But how was I going to face him? I thought to myself. I wasn’t ready to date. 
We just laid there and I kept thinking all those thoughts until my instincts beckoned me to check my door to see if it was locked and before I could get up to check, my mom opened the door and walked in on us lying naked on my bed.
She screamed and said, ‘Bola! Stanley! What is going on here?’ We both got up and covered ourselves with the bedspread, to hide our shame. She looked so shocked and left the room after. 
“O God! I’ve messed up.” I said, and put my clothes back on. My bedspread was stained with blood so I took it off the bed and kept wondering how I was going to face my mom. Stanley also looked so confused which was unlike him. He didn’t know what to do and all he could do was sit on the bed after dressing up and stir into space and I also did same. 
We were waiting for the ground to open and swallow us up; or better still we were waiting for the trumpets to sound to signal the end of the world. So that we would both be thrown into hell to pay for our sin.
We sat there for like ten minutes before Stanley managed to utter a word; He said,
 ‘Pearl, we need to go and face your mom and thereafter we can talk about what just happened.’ I nodded and then we got up and went to see my mom in the hall together. It felt so awkward; I had never imagined that happening to me or anyone. It wasn’t something nice and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, not even my worst enemy. 
As we stood in front of her, I couldn’t even look at her. She was so disappointed and also looked confused. She’d always being the lenient mom and not so strict because she was just too soft and I loved her for that. So standing there, I realized, we had put her in a tight spot and she would be questioning herself whether she was a good parent or not. I prayed to God in my head and asked him to not make her hate me because of what had happen. I don’t know why I thought that but the anxiety that overtook my being was that strong that I could think my mom who had lost her husband and had only one child (me), would stop loving me because she found out I was having sex.
As these thoughts run through my head, I heard her speak and I looked at her. She asked, ‘How long has this being going on?’ Then I said,
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 ‘Mom, that was the first time.’ She shook her head and asked if we were sure that was the first time and we both nodded. Then she asked, ‘so are you dating now?’ Then we said nothing, we hadn’t defined our relationship and before what had happened had happened we were best friends who had a thing for each other but were scared to let it surface because we both weren’t ready to date. Then she said, 
‘okay, so you are still best friends? Or is that what you’ve been doing all this while and anytime I asked if there was something going on, you both would laugh and say you are like siblings? But siblings don’t sleep together, that’s incest. I’m really disappointed in you Bola and in you too Stanley. I really trusted that you had no bad intentions but now I think I have to stop you from coming here.’ 
Her words hurt and I cried. I couldn’t help it. ‘Mom, this is the first time anything like that has ever happened, I told you I was going to wait till my wedding night to break my virginity and remember you said I should wait till I’m ready. So what if I was ready this time? What if? You can’t stop me from seeing Stanley; I have no friends, mom. I have no one to talk to when you are not home. You just can’t do this to me. I have exams coming up in a few weeks mom, and you know he’s the one prepping me for it. You can’t do this to me.’ I kept crying and I knew how much my mom couldn’t stand my tears.
It just made her feel bad. She got up and hugged me,  ‘I want the best for you Bola, I just do, and I don’t think having sex now is right for you. It will jeopardize what you both have. You are supposed to be best friends but now with sex in the picture, you need to redefine your relationship. And though I can’t stop you from seeing each other, you have to do it the right way okay.’ 
I felt better when she said that. Stanley stood there watching us with the confused look in his eyes. Then my mom sat back down and asked Stanley, ‘did you protect yourself?’ Then he shook his head. She said, ‘you both should know better, so you think you can just be having sex like that when you are both students and have a whole future ahead of you. Madam, you can get pregnant. An egg could be fertilized right now and in some few days you could test positive for pregnancy. Don’t make that mistake again. Get condoms Stanley, and you need to get a contraceptive tomorrow.  Stanley, you can leave and return tomorrow morning and you both will go to the pharmacy and buy “postinor 2.” I won’t give you money for that, and you both should make sure to talk about what happened. If you are going to date, you date. If you won’t, then I’m sorry you will have to stay away from each other, else your friendship will just be about sex and I don’t want that. So Stanley, you can leave now.’
To be continued…….