1. Gari doesn’t advertise yet runs out of stock on the market. Morale. It’s not about the excessive make-up or exposed thighs. It’s not about the plenty likes on Instagram or the Borges oil laced breasts. Put value on yourself… and value will chase after you!

2. We need to tell our young ladies that a girlfriend is not a wife and a boyfriend is not a husband. He won’t waste his money to wed when you are already warming his bed! Tell him, “No wedding. No bedding.”

3. Ms. Young Lady. As you pray for a Mr. Right, be certain you are not a Ms. Wrong. You will only attract another of your kind. Life is so fair!

4. Don’t fall for his lies that he wants you to get pregnant before he marries you. What kind of fertility test is that!? It’s like pushing someone down a river now… to rescue them later. What if they drown!?

5. Our young ladies must know that a husband is not an ATM. Have your own vocation/career before you dream of marriage. Be independently supportive of him. An overly dependent wife soon becomes a plague everyone avoids.

6. Choose to be happy as a single woman. Marriage doesn’t come with happiness. An unhappy single makes an unhappy double!

7. If he asks for your nude pictures. Tell him to send you those of his sister and mother first. If he can’t do so, you are also somebody’s sister and another’s future mother. My sister, protect your valuables!

8. Don’t stay in an abusive relationship. If he slaps you in a mere relationship he paid nothing for, he will pound you in a marriage he paid a dowry for. My sister, let me ask. Are you fufu!?

9. Don’t spend on expensive wigs and complain of economic hardships. You are carrying someone’s monthly salary on your head… and you say the economy is hard?

10. Keep your virginity/purity today so tomorrow when advising your kids, your conscience won’t make you look stupid!

11. A promise ring is not an engagement or wedding ring. Don’t be a packing officer and pack into his house yet. Don’t declare results when he’s still campaigning! Be patient.

12. What shall it profit a woman if she is curvaceous than a bass guitar… yet can’t even boil water!? After it has all been said and done, men will eat food… not curves!

13. Don’t let age make you rush into marriage. It’s always better to be happily single than bitterly married!

14. Know your worth. Don’t play second fiddle in a relationship/marriage. Why be a ‘side chick’? Why be a substitute? Are you a football player?

15. Don’t stay in a relationship because he thinks he’s doing you a favor. Go where you are deservedly honored… not where you are undeservedly pitied. For Christ’s sake, it is a relation-ship… not a charity-ship!

16. When he asks to ‘taste’ you before marriage, ask him whether he is a tasting officer! Mind you, you are not a commodity to be tasted. If he wants it, let him put a ring on it!

17. Getting pregnant before the marriage ceremony is not the problem. But… why ask for a ‘white wedding’ instead of a ‘blessing’… when you know were not conceived by the Holy Ghost?

18. If your legs can open at the sight of a mere pizza, what you have in between there is not a private part. It is a public property. You have floated shares!  Is your self-dignity (shares) that cheap!?

19. You need a man who has a six-figure salary, six packs and drives a four wheeler to marry. Operation 6-6-4. Really? Get clay and create one or, better still, conjure one from the skies. Such men can’t even be found in Hollywood movies… let alone Ghanaian ones!

20. It’s okay to be a virgin. Let others give theirs as birthday gifts, congratulatory gestures, Christmas gifts and what have you. It is humanly possible to give yours as a wedding gift.

By Kobina Ansah