Murder Case Episode 9



“It’s classified” paul replied her.
“I thought we agreed that i would be carried along? Look i didn’t sign up to kill innocent people…” Amaka was trying to say something but paul ended the call. She sighed and turned back only to see agent musa standing behind her and looking straight into her eyes, he wasn’t smiling.


Attah was trapped in the toilet with a killer but he didn’t know. All he expected were answers to his questions and not an attempt on his life.

“So tell me, where can we find them?” Attah asked with all iota of seriousness.

“Not so fast” the guy replied, moving closer to Attah.

In one swift movement he plunged forward with the knife aimed at Attah’s abdomen but Attah saw it on time, he quickly made way for the guy who staggered to the ground.

He quickly stood up and faced Attah with the knife. Attah was unsure of what to do. Should he run out of the toilet and tell the soldiermen? No!! Turning his back on this psycho could be dangerous.

“Who sent you?” Attah asked.

“You ask too many questions, thats what led you into trouble.” the guy replied.

He swayed the knife in Attah’s face and started trowing punches with it. Attah was bending down, moving his head to the left and right just to avoid the knife.
He aimed at the guy and kicked him just above his solar plexus.

“The invisible quartet sent you right?” Attah asked but the guy didn’t answer. He just jumped and used his legs to hit the wall like he was trying to climb it, he then used the wall to push himself forward. While in the air, he turned acrobatically and gave attah a scissors kick. Attah didn’t expect it so it trew him to the ground.

The guy quickly rushed Attah and started kicking him. Attah who was still on the ground was groaning of pain. Blood was oozing from his mouth, he was sure he had lost a tooth or Two. He couldn’t move his body because all his joints were now full of pains. He just la!d stiff on the ground and watched the guy who was now squatting.

“While in hell,don’t start investigating the devil. His methods might be worse you know” the guy said and raised the knife. He was about stabbing Attah when Jacobs arrived from behind. He used the hammer he was holding to hit the guy on the head. The guy fell down and died.

Attah who had been closing his eyes slowly opened it when he didn’t feel any knife on his body.

“I killed him, I’m a killer” Jacobs said while stammering.

“I thought you were a vigilante? Why are you sobbing over a dead body?” Attah asked still groaning.

“Yes I’m a vigilante, but i’v never killed” Jacobs replied.

“Dont worry, you will get over the guilt phase, and you will learn how to kill more cos in this our world, its ‘kill or be killed’.


Dr. Amos couldn’t believe his eyes, his brother has just been killed in his car instead of him. He felt guilty, the bomb was meant for him and not his brother, the poor boy didn’t deserve it.

He blamed ASUU for the strike which made his brother jobless. If joe had been in school, he would have concentrated on his studies and not a date. He blamed Janet, Joe had been asking her out for close to a year now and the moment she accepted his date proposal, Joe died.

He blamed the invisible quartet, he knew they were definitely the ones behind the attack and he promised himself to personally kill Paul Adeyemi.
He was still alloting blames to individuals when his phone rang. He ignored it but when the caller kept calling, he decided to see who the caller was.

He removed the phone from his pocket and he discovered that it was the number from the prison, he picked it up.

“Amos, how is my wife? Did you succeed?” barrage of questions were trown at Amos at the same time.

“She is fine” Amos replied coldly.
Jacobs sighed on the other end.

“Amos what is it? Your voice doesn’t seem okay” Jacobs said.

“Joe has Just been killed” Amos replied.

The news sent cold shivers to Jacobs’ nerves. He didn’t understand what the poor boy had in the issue.

“Killed? By who? How?” Jacobs asked multiple questions.

“A bomb was placed in my car, Joe was the unlucky guy who entered the car” Amos explained.

“Listen carefully Amos” Jacobs said
“We have been attacked twice in three days in this prison, if Those guys know that they failed in their first attempt, they would come back stronger” Jacobs cautioned.

“What do you suggest i do?” Amos asked.

“Go to my house, spoil the padlock or whatever you can do, just make sure you get inside. There is a pistol inside the cupboard in my bedroom, it is fully loaded. Take it for your protection”

“Jacobs you know i cant….” Amos was saying when something caught his attention. Nurse Amaka was been led out of the hospital with handcuff.

“Gotta go” Amos said and ended the call. He walked towards Amaka.

“Officer, whats happening here?” he asked.

“We have reason to believe that this woman knows something about the attack today” Agent musa replied him.

“Officer i think there is a mix-up somewhere. I can personally vouch for this lady. Moreover, the group responsible for this attack is called the invisible quartet.

Agent musa wanted to ignore Amos but the name invisible quartet rang a bell. A certain man had laid complain about a certain group of soldiermen known as the invisible quartet. They had ran checks but they never got any trace on the group. The case was abandoned when the person who reported the case was arrested for being in possesion of cocaine.

Medical report showed that the man was suffering from psychosis which made him to hallucinate, he was therefore seeing things that didn’t exist.
Agent musa knew this wasn’t something to ignore so he listened to what amos had to say.

He collected Amos’ number and promised to call him for more information on the Group.

Amaka was thereafter, led to the waiting van which transported them to NATU.


Paul Adeyemi was pacing roung his room. He was thinking about the final phase of their mission. ‘Remember me in hell’ had failed so the next option was to kill Grace.

His phone rang and he picked it up.

“Chiefo is dead” the caller informed him.

“What!! How manage?” paul asked.

“It seems Attah expected him, he was found dead in the toilet”

“Dont worry, That won’t be much of a problem, i am activating the final phase” he said and ended the call. He sent a text with the phone. He then got angry and slammed the phone on the wall, picked his gun and left the room.


Amaka was more than coorperative as she gave NATU paul’s details, house address and a phone number which she was supposed to call only in times of emergency were the only thing she had on the invisible quartet.

Amaka was a lady who loved to live life to the fullest. On one of those occasions she went to a night club where she met paul Adeyemi.
Unknown to her, the meeting wasn’t a chance meeting, it was a well calculated and executed plan.

She ended up in paul’s bed. The next day he drove her back to her house. That same day, Amaka’s younger sister was kidnapped. Paul claimed responsibilty and said the only way he was going to release her was if Amaka obeys his orders. He then asked Amaka to get close to doctor Amos and get information from him.

Paul took some men and went to paul’s house. Jimmy insisted on following them.

On getting to the house, it Was empty.

“you and you, go through the back, you and you stay outside, jimmy follow me.” musa ordered

Musa used his masterkey to open the door and he went inside with jimmy. Something caught their attention. A phone was on the floor. Musa picked it up but the screen was cracked.
He turned it on and the phone requested for password.

“Jimmy can you crack this?” musa asked.

“Whats the serial number?” jimmy requested.

Musa opened the phone and removed the battery. The serial number was boldly written on a silver panel. Musa called it for jimmy who punched it on his ipad. He had a password cracking program on his ipad. In less than a minute he got the password.

Musa punched the password on the phone and it unlocked.

He searched for incriminating calls and text. He finally saw a message which was sent some few minutes back. The screen of the phone was cracked so the only words he saw were

“com.. Clear coast”

The message didn’t make sense. They brainstormed until musa finally got a clue.

“I’m coming, clear the coast”

“Are our men still in the hospital?” musa asked.

“The hospital is heavily protected” jimmy replied.

“We better go there now, he is about to strike there” Musa said

“Hold on, i think i found their hidout, the address is in the phone” Jimmy informed musa.

“Go with the men and check out the address, i’m going to the hospital” musa replied and left the room.


Bluecross hospital was under tight security after the bomb explosion. The interior and exterior of the hospital were secured.

“All agents are to move to the north west entry” agent ebuka announced with his walkie talkie. In few minutes, the area was deserted and paul came out.

“Thank you agent Ebuka, you have been most helpful” he said.

He then brought out his silencer and shot Ebuka on the forehead.

“sorry, i just couldn’t risk it” he said.

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