Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 94


​I woke up quite late today, did my morning hygiene and then i was off to dera’s room to get some neat cloths for her to change into, she was gonna be discharged today. Soon i was out to my car and then drove of to the hospital.
I walked into her ward to see her already awake looking so bright, as she sat still staring into an empty space.
Me: wooow you look really pretty this morning I said smiling.
Dera: goodmorning lucas
Me: how’s my baby doing i asked giving her a peck.
Dera: am fine thanks to you she said with a smile.
Me: exhaling you almost gave me a heart attack you know that right?
Dera: am sorry about that.
Me: that fine uhmm i got you some clothes to change into, am gonna go get the doc i’d be right back.
After a while i was back with the doctor who did a quick checkup on her.
Doctor: she’s fine now she said with a smile, you gonna have to sign a few papers and then you are free to go, i see she’s ready to leave she added as dera chuckled.
Me: alright, and then she led us to the reception, we did all the signings.
Doctor: and dont forget you’ll have to keep coming here for cleaning and redressing.
Dera: that wont be a problem she said with a smile as we left the hospital. In as much as i was trying to act normal around her and giving her no reason to worry, i still feel like she was a bit uncomfortable. We drove back to school and i parked my car properly in the parking lot.
Me: which would you do first, go to my room and get your bag or rest abit in yours??.
Dera: smiling come closer luke she said as i moved closer and she kissed me. I wanna say thank you first she said with a grin.
Me: yeah i was supposed to be happy but seeing her smile like its nothing, i decided to clear somethings up. Dera i know its your life and you can do whatever you want with it, do you have any idea how i felt the moment i thought i was gonna live in this world without you in it.
Dera: i know i scared you and am sorry about that, she said moving her hands to touch my lips.
Me: i held her hands, dera whatever game you are playing i really want you to stop right now, its dangerous!! I said stressing everyword.
Dera: ooh come on!! Lucas am fine really stop getting worked up.
Me: yeah so your gonna stop getting yourself in trouble right? I said with pleading eyes.
Dera: looking away, just a little more lucas, and everything would be back to normal.
Me: then you have to promise me you’d be safe and whatever you do, you’d never get hurt again.
Dera: she turned staring at my searching eyes for a while and then she looked away again, i cant promise you that lucas.
Me: i held her arm lightly trying to find her gaze, am serious dera i think am gonna have a heart attack for sure if you get hurt again, i really cant stand it.
Dera: then you dont have to look she said sternly still looking away.
Me: i was already out of words to convince her, i moved my lips close to hers slowly, as i kissed her softly. Then i guess this means nothing to you dera i said slowly, perhaps you have other things you preffer better than my heart.
Dera: no she said looking at me this time, i just cant stop now luke.
Me: i really dont know what she’s getting into, but knowing she could get herself killed i really cant take it. I think i felt tears flow down my left cheek because of the decison i was about making.
Dera: moving her hands to wipe it off.
Me: i held her hands stopping her from doing so as she looked at me in shock. Thats alright, its fine if my eyes wanna cry atleast i’ll keep in mind that the love of my life chose death over me.
Dera: she tried talking when i cut in.
Me: since your mind is made up, even when its gonna feel bad to see you hurt again, am just gonna look the other. Your bag is safe in my room, you can take it whenever you need it i said throwing the door open as i walked away slamming it.
To be continued