Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 86


She left school quite early to her house, walked down to the basement with some training outfit, which she changed into. She got out her laptop to keep schwartz in check, ensuring he wasnt up to some funny games.
Right in her dad’s basement was alot of training kits like the mannequin, punching bags, guns, knives(japanese made), daggers, poles both long and short. She took a deep breath as she swinged forward towards the mannequin hitting it skillfully and dodging like she was in a real combat. She did that continously for a while when she rolled backward on the floor grabbing the long pole, did some swinging, spining and stunts with it. She continued her training using several different weapons on intervals and after a long while she was exhausted.
Dera: she sat on the floor breathing so hard, sipping from the bottle of water she kept on the floor trying to catch her breath as she watched schwartz. It seems like mr cornel was ready to leave already with schwartz as his personal security, just then she got a text message
Schwart- he’s on the move, security would be porrous tonight, make it clean and leave no trace goodluck girl!!.
Dera: she saw him punch those words into his phone from her laptop, she smiled abit as she sipped from her water. You’d be surprised just how am gonna take it she said with a grin.
She took her shower, prepared lunch, decided to have a very wonderful rest, the night was gonna be a long one she was prepared for the worst.
For hours we both had our eyes glued to the book like we were going for a contest tomorrow.
Sophia: am hungry!
Me: uhmmm i think i need food too.
Sophia: i really dont want to go out anymore, just go get me something to eat she said smiling.
Me: is it just my imagination or you are actually becoming lazy??
Sophia: nah am just too tired.
Me: smiling yeah me too, we can just order for pizza, door step delivery i said with a smile.
Sophia: that’s a great idea she said happily.
I grabbed my phone put a call through and a voice was heard on the other end of the line, i went ahead to place my order, giving descriptions of sophia’s room, i tried hunging up when the reciever said pizza would be delivered in 15mins sir.
Me: it wont be long now i said smiling abit as we both took our attentions back to the books.
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It was getting dark she quickly arranged all she was gonna need for her mission in the trunk. Got out a new body fitted black outfit with lots of pockets. She was dressed looking really smart, got her black boot on, carefully placing 2daggers each on both legs, and 2 silver silent pistols behind her waiste region. She stood in front of the dressing mirror, packed her hairs backward and then got on a face cap, covering her face abit.
She walked to were her dad’s swords was arranged according to their varying sizes, she took out a long knife with extremely sharp edges, fixing it into the shealth behind her back.
Dera: she walked to the window, looking upwards at the night sky it was getting pretty dark outside, its time she said with a smile as she walked to her car with a box containing some computerized gadget to help her gain access to any highly secured locks she was gonna encounter. She drove down at a very high speed to bailey.
Climbed up the tall building opposite mr cornel’s house, surveying the whole area with her binoculars, she waited patiently, till the night was far spent and soon the men were begining to fall asleep. She got down quickly, took out the gadgets in the box, arranging them in her school bag which she hunged, as she swiftly scaled the wall into the building. She was almost familiar with the house, she walked gently past the sleeping guards into the house through the back door as she ascended the stairs carefully and noiselessly into the shining hallway. Just then her phone beeped.
Dera: she reached for it when she saw a text message from schwartz.
Schwartz: abort mission, its trap!!! Exit the building now!!
To be continued


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