Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 5


​i made to get away but it happened so fast i was badly soaked with a sour taste liquid, and sophia was gone
Ricky: how about you take a fresh beer he said handing beer over to me.
Everyone: drink!! Drink!!! Drink!!!
Me: got it open and emptied it weird tasting content in one gulp
Everyone: yeeeaaaaah!!!!!!
Ricky: thats the spirit he said tossing another to me.
Me: no no no not again
Everyone: uuuuuuuhhhh!! Drink!!! Drink!!!
And thats how i ended up emptying 5cans of beer, it didnt take long before i blackout, it was such a crazy feeling. The heat of the party lasted for hours.
sitting on her couch sipping her favourite wine, she was a bit shocked she got no calls or message from luke, its almost 8am, just then she shift her gaze to the tv screen, there was a news flash.
“two multi-billoniares high ranked official who worked with the british intelligence mudered in cold blood by an unknown assassin”
Mirabel: she switched it off from the remote next to her, that definitely has nothing to do with her. She kept on wondering why he never called. Perhaps i’d go see for myself she said to herself.
For the first time in only God know how long i was finally myself, i still felt weird, i really couldnt pin point what happened, on the floor was ricky, damian and 2girls, they looked unfamiliar. Thats when i realized someones hand was on me. I pulled the blanket gently to see dark skinned lady. The smell that oozed outta my room made me wanna puke. I rushed to the bathroom, i felt so exhausted and hungry. Took a shower first, thats when event of last night began to play in my head Ricky, damian and i came home madly drunk with 3 ladies.
Me: pssssssh i made the sound with my lips i kinda felt weird too.
I was done with the shower luckily they were awake, they took turns to clean up, i replaced the bed cloths with clean ones, ensuring the room was conducive, i used a freshner. And then i was of to the cafe to eat of course, i saw mum’s limo drive into the school.
Me: i was shocked and happy at the same time, i smiled at her.
Mirabel: came down from her limo as she walked gorgeously with her black hill that complement the black suit she had on. And guess what she didnt look too happy.
Me: hello mum
Mirabel: hitting my arms hard with her purse.
Me: ouch!!!!!!!
Mirabel: thats for not keeping in touch for 52hours!!!!
Me: she was kinda harsh but i think i like it, smiles, uhmm so you missed me.
Mirabel: you have no idea how worried i was gonna be she said hugging me.
Me: smiling before i start feeling good about myself, she retreated suddenly. Whats wrong mum??
Mirabel: you drink???
Me: uhmmm not really just……uhm..the words were still in my mouth when she gave me another hard hit with her purse and i yelled of course.
Mirabel: seriously plss dont tell me its some bad habbit you picked up while am away, am really gonna feel hurt.
Me: mum am so hungry
Mirabel: she pulled me by the hands into the limo, and we drove off to an eatery. Have never been this hungry, she just staired at me as i ate my food hungrily. If i was gonna convince her about anything i need to eat first.
Mirabel: breaking the silence you must have drank alot, you never looked wild kid to me, and i was glad i found you in one piece.
Me: it was obvious she wasnt happy about it. I just kinda got excited about everything i decided to give it a rest, wasnt planning on getting drunk.
Mirabel: she just smiled a bit am glad your ok.
Me: smiling thanks mum.
Mirabel: her smiles weared of imediately, i met a guy called joe.
Perhaps even, you might think you’ve gotten all you ever wanted luke. Life is way bigger than all of that, first you were better for me, and now i need you to be the best for yourself, enjoy what you do.
Me: looking at her with opened mouth, she made whole lot of sense, and was precise, i never did any programing stuff, in 3days i went to class just once.
Mirabel: i know its gonna be hard but have seen it all luke and i know your yet to be at your best. You were just one moody dude like they’d put it but yet you were that good.
Me: shes definitely not talking about me changing here, what would you have me do mum??
Mirabel: do what you do because you love to do it luke.
To be continued