Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 48


​Today was beautiful saturday morning as we all prepared for the show done. When the family nurse came in to redress my injured face, it hurt abit for awhile. She cleaned the surface and replaced the plaster after applying some strange liquid on it, which gave an itching sensation.
Nurse: smiling you have nothing to worry about, after a week your cute face would be as good as new.
Well it did sound alot like goodnews. We’all left in dad’s limo.
Pamela: i cant wait to see the hilarious scene with damian walking down the isle hahahah its totally outrageous. She said as everyone burst in laughter.
Damian: you’d be shocked he said smiling.
Soon we were at styles as we walked in, i had to admit its been quite a long time i came here. Just then i heard my name.
Karen: lucas!! She said pacing up with her heels, smiling as she gave me a hug. Its been a while
Me: smiling yea and you are looking great!
Karen: is that a plaster i see on your face??
Damian: great way to start a conversation, he said walking away, while milano was already in the elevator. Ricky and pamela stared at theirself and chuckled.
Karen: am sure the head band gonna look good on you its gonna cover that for sure, you have nothing to worry about. Lets get you guys ready she said as we followed her immediately. We all got dress in the new winter coats, it was really cool.
Karen: you guys look great, she said as we walked to join the other guys.
We took turn to walked down the isles and soon it was my turn i walked back and forth, and then ricky while he did his walk.
Karen: damian you have to be careful with those….
Damian: cutting in i know what to do miss
Karen: well i was gonna say shoes
Damian: am next he said walking down the isles. The show went on and we changed into more cloths and then it was over after a few hours.
I walked to were i was gonna change into what i came with.
Karen: luke!! Where you practicing in school she said smiling.
Me: not at all
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Karen: i think you are way better she said giving me a thumb up as she walked away. I got change and was seated at the reception.
Ricky: lucas i told ya i was gonna steal your sure, trust me this s–t sucks, am never gonna do it again.
Pamela: yea thats because you are awful, thanks for showing that to the world hahahah.
Ricky: hahah atleast am better than damian, walking like an uncharged robot. We all burst in laughter.
Damian: do i look like a robot to you now.
Ricky: hahaha i better get out of here he might be hiding a wine glass in his pocket, i still love my face.
We had to wait for dad cos except for damian we both left our cars in school and after a while he was out.
Milano: sorry guys i have to met someone at MJ he said.
Ricky: what about us??
Milano: you can come along or wait behind i’ll be back to pick you guess.
Me: am coming i said immediately.
Pamela: me too
Ricky: i’d just go with you guys
Milano: damian??
Damian: do i have to come
NO!! We all chorused as we left immediately with dad.
We drove down to MJ, i knew i had more work buddies down here. As dad walked in, in a hurry.
Pamela: what are we supposed to be doing??
Me: well i have to go say hi and hello to some friends.
Ricky: ladies??
Me: yea afew ladies too
Ricky: lets go then he said excitedly.
Pamela: and what about me??
Me: sure you can come too.
To be continued