Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 47


She waited for hours when gale walked in with a huge folded brown envelope.
Gale: ma’am this is what you asked for he said handing the envelope over to her.
Mirabel; unfolding it as she brought a few pictures of charles’ daughter. Welldone gale, you are free to go now she said.
Gale: thank you ma’am he said turning to leave as he halted like he was forgetting something. Ma’am uhmm her name is sophia morrison.
Mirabel: i’ll keep that in mind she said as she watch him leave. She took a close look at the photo’s, she had some resemblance with lucas and she was really beautiful too. Right now am very certain this child is mine, and soon shes gonna meet her momma, she thought still looking at the photos.
I have to admit it was really a long talking experience for me, pamela never seemed to be out of words to say to me with alot of gesticulation. While i nodded like i heard all she was saying, i was feeling real dizzy.
Pamela: and kloe’s parent did their anniversary in an old farm house!! Hahah can you imagine that! She said smiling just then she felt someone head fall on her shoulder. She turned to see lucas fast asleep. I wasnt done talking she said sadly and now he he is asleep. She pushed his head away and he landed on the couch still sleeping undisturbed.
She walked angrily into ricky’s room, threw the door open to see him playing with his phone.
Ricky: still havent learnt the knocking courtesy.
Pamela: ricky! You wont believe lucas dozed of while i told him about my friend’s parent anniversary.
Ricky: hahahaha are you that boring he said chuckling, with his eyes focused on the phone.
Pamela: you know am not boring have been home all by myself, have got to tell someone all i did you know while you guys were away.
Ricky: hahaha i get it girl why dont you go wake him up.
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Pamela: smiling have got a better idea she said sitting close to his head, as her hand played with his hair.
Ricky: and whats that?
Pamela: you’ve always been my fav bro i could tell you instead she said smiling.
Ricky: quickly pausing his game covering his face with his blanket, am sleeping already!! He yelled.
Pamela: huuuh now your making me feel bad and you know what that means.
Ricky: you wouldnt dare sleep in my room!! He said sitting up.
Pamela: lying on his bed you dont wanna dare me!!
Ricky: ok fine!! Just complete the remaining part of your story and leave!
Pamela: huuuh now your making it look like am forcing you to listen to me, she said pulling him out of the bed as she laid on it.
Ricky: who did i offend to have a sister like you!!! He yelled from the floor.
Pamela: smiling you know what to do otherwise your bed is mine and you’d be sleeping in the couch with lucas.
Ricky: fine he said sitting on the bed placing her head on his legs, you know you are sweetest and cutest baby sis in the world. Now tell me what you’ve been upto plssss i wanna hear all of it he said grinning weirdly.
Pamela: jerking her legs in excitement yeah am gonna tell you! after the anniversary we went swimming and……
After a while everywhere was silent i looked around and she was gone i tiptoed to ricky’s room, looking through the half way shut the door, to see ricky nodding and smiling weirdly to whatever she was saying, the looks on his face only showed one thing frustration! I laughed slitly as i walked to my room for a very nice sleep.
To be continued