Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 33


He lead her back to her sit were the waiter served a bottle of red wine to them, they chatted as they sipped from it.
Dera: so tell me about your family.
Damian: am the eldest of 2 kids, a boy and a girl, and ofcourse i half brother lucas.
Dera: woow so lucas’ mum is different from yours she asked.
Damian: very different, he said smilling abit, i think its time to go its getting pretty late. He led her to his car opening the door of the front passenger seat as she got in, he hurried into the car and drove off to school.
After a short drive they were in school, he parked his car in the space provided as they both got down he escorted her into the girls doom, just at her door post.
Dera: goodnight damian she said smiling a bit.
Damian: giving her a soft peck on her cheek, goodnight he answered as he left.
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After resting for a while leo asked me to take off the boxing gloves, which i did.
Leo: give it a real punch he said smiling as he grabbed the bag.
Me: i gave it a very hard punch, thinking its gonna have effect on leo.
Leo: hahaha you call that a punch?? Thats sissy come on grab the bag he instructed. I switched positions with him grabbing the bag, he gave the bag 2 swift heavy punches causing me to stagger backwards with the bag.
Leo: now thats what i call punch he said grinning.
Me: hmmm impressive.
Leo: take of your shirt he comanded, and i did. Dude!!! Are you a girl or what?.
Me: am really not into work outs you know.
Leo: ok i get it, lets start from the basis, come on do some push ups!! I was down immediately trying a few push up i barely did 10 before i got exhausted.
Leo: ok ok i know what you need, over there he said pointing at 2metal disc attached end to end on a rod which hung on 2 iron stands and a lying board.
Me: i walked to were it was kept laid on the board as i tried lifting it, it was indeed heavy after a few trial leo helped keep it in its place. While i exhaled deeply like i was choking.
Leo: hahaha ok heres the thing, you have to atleast lift a 50kg weight effortlessly, do push ups for atmost to 2hours, run on the running board at an average speed for 3-4hours.
Me: huuuuuh!!! How is all that keep boxing!.
Leo: you gonna find out the moment you can do all of that he said smiling but for now you are gonna learn nothing. He said leaving.
Me: huuuh!! Come on!! I said a bit frustrated as i grabbed my stuff heading to my room so worn out, cleaned up and collapsed on my bed tiredly.
It was a wonderful morning she woke up in such a bad mood, she really didnt feel like going out today, she sat on her bed, wondering what she was gonna do when she set her eyes on lucas, and then her door flew open.
Ray: hello pretty sis i trust you slept well.
Isabel: if you’re here to make fun of me am gonna have to ask you to leave she said meanly.
Ray: hahaha come on you should be grateful to me girl.
Isabel: tell me why!
Ray: because that jerk lucas and that b—h, are gonna be having a little misunderstanding he said grinning.
Isabel: what did you do!! She yelled angrily.
Ray: giving you back the opportunity you lost, i still hate him so much, but then have thought about it, i think i prefer seeing those cute smiles on your face he said grinning.
Isabel: hugging him, frankly i have no idea what you’ve done, but as long as its gonna get me lucas its fine by me she said smiling.
Ray: now rather than sitting in here i think you should be over there with him
To be continued