Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 136


After days of training with schwarts, today they sat together, to draft an attack strategy.
Dera: how about we blow it down.
Schwartz: nope, they have machines which detect’s electromagnetic device, 10 km away right inside the control room.
Dera: how do we take them out.
Schwartz: this is an old map of the swift warehouse.
Dera: if it’s outdated, i guess you should dispose it.
Schwartz: hahah no its still useful girl.
Dera: how useful??
Schwartz: he opened the map. You see the tunnel right here he said pointing at a spot on the map. It lead’s to the bottom of the ocean, covered with really thick glasses.
Dera: ok?? So??
Schwartz: we only need to seal the doors and blow up that glass and everything would be history he said with a smile.
Dera: hmm that’s pretty easy, how do we get in.
Schwartz: that’s easy, we’d just walk in, it’s a party. The hydro bomb will be dropped tonight. I’d notify you when the bomb is activated all we have to do is exit the building immediately.
Dera: that’s quite easy you know, you said there’s a device which detects electromagnetic field.
Schwartz: yes dear, except for hydro bombs. He said with a smile, do not think it’s gonna be that easy girl. Black spider agents are specially trained to be conscious of their environment even around friends. We are going in the midst of people who’s
gonna be suspicious of even the air they breath.
Dera: yeah i get what you are saying, thing’s might have to get rough.
Schwartz: really rough!
Dera: am ready!!.
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It’s a really beautiful morning, i woke up feeling a slit headache. Perhaps as a result of long hour’s of sleeping. Just then mum walked in.
Mirabel: i guess you had a wonderful trip! She said chuckling a bit.
Me: you cant possible imagine mum, my stomach feel’s empty too.
Mirabel: ok go clean up, breakfast would be ready before you know it.
It’s a Friday morning and mum didn’t seem like she would be going to the office. I washed up, hurried down stairs, the hunger i felt made my tummy ache. I got to the dinning and Sophia was already eating, i joined her quickly.
Sophia: you know we could go to Chicago together next weekend she said
with a grin.
Me: hahhaa am not going anywhere near that jet again.
Mirabel: what jet??
Sophia: that’s what he calls a plane hahaha
Mirabel: she smiled shaking her head a bit.
After eating i laid on the couch, i think those pills still had  sleeping effect on me. I struggled to stay awake, while mum and Sophia kept their eyes busy with soaps. It was almost mid-day when the bell ringed.
Sophia: i’ll get it!! she said walking towards the door.
Micheal: hello Sophia.
Sophia: grandpa!! She yelled hugging him, as they both walked into the sitting room.
Mirabel: seeing Micheal, she only maintained a straight face.
Me: welcome grandpa.
Micheal: thank you my boy how was your…….he was about saying trip as we objected with gesticulations. How was your night he said.
Me: breathing down in relief, wonderful i said smiling at Sophia who gave him a thumb up.
Mirabel: so why are you here?
Micheal: i came to see you and my grandchildren of course.
Mirabel: she only gave him the i don’t believe you looks.
Micheal: come on Mirabel since you left home, i understand if you hate me, but why are you doing the same to your mum.
Mirabel: i don’t wanna talk about it!!!.
Micheal: fine tomorrow is the official meeting with the president. I want Lucas to come along too.
Mirabel: scoffs there’s no way am letting my son go anywhere with you!
Micheal: stop thinking you are the only one who is hurt in all this, your mum Harley would never forgive herself for making such a terrible decision and that’s why she left Coasta Rica, despite my pleas. And me Mirabel i leave everyday wishing i listened to you. Am still hurt too.
Mirabel: that’s enough dad!! She yelled when his word was beginning to get to her.
Micheal: we all deserve to be happy as a family after all that has happen
Mirabel but that’s not happening because you still see me as the devil why!! He said looking a bit sad. looking down a bit, it’s just a meeting right??, well am sure he wants to go too.
To be continued….