Passion and Power – Wednesday(16-11-16)



In today’s episode,
Nina and Arturo go to check on Erick and quickly the police arrive to tell them that now that Erick is awake, they want to continue the investigation on the murderer of Montserrat. The doctor then arrives and Arturo asks him not to allow them to take his son to prison in that condition and the doctor tells the police that, they have to hold on their investigation since Erick is in no condition to go through that. 
Gabby confronts Franco on why he failed to tell her about his mum being Caridad and Franco lies that he found out not long ago and Gabby asks him to let them go see Caridad to ask if indeed he found out just recently or knew about it so long ago and Franco looks nervous and says he won’t go and Gabby says if that is so she is never going to forgive him ever.
David asks Julia if she has something to do with Arturo and Julia explains every bit of their long affair before marrying Eladio to him and now she realized she never loved Arturo. David questions Julia to know if she is willing to go back to Arturo and she says no because despite everything she still loves Eladio very much.  
Arturo asks Augustin to do everything possible so the witness (Aldo) never shows up for the police to have any prove and Augustin thinks that is impossible but Arturo says, his son isn’t a murderer but it was an accident and since he is now proving to be a changed person, he wants to give him the opportunity to have his life back but not in prison and therefore will do everything to save him even without his (Augustin) help. Augustin thinks the best thing is to appeal to them so Erick can be given a lower Sentence and Arturo agrees. 
Marintia calls Caridad to let her know about how her pregnancy is going and after, she cautions her not to give her phone number to anyone. Immediately, Gabby and Franco arrive there to ask for the truth if Franco new about the truth of he being his mother and Caridad tells her that Franco never knew anything as it was only when Julia found the truth and she asked Eladio to let Franco know.
Arturo delivers a box of champagne to Eladio and the inscription says that, “you gave me a bottle of Champagne when everything went well for you, but now I’m giving you a box for giving me the opportunity to win back her love”. Eladio then states that Arturo’s taste is very terrible because his wine is not even good but swears that he waits to see what happens to him.
Eladio calls Arturo to warn him not to go near Julia because he will have him to contend with and Arturo says he should understand that he’s lost her for good but Eladio says it’s just a misunderstanding and they will clear it and the fact is he should know he was the one who cheated on Julia first and Arturo says the difference is that he was bold enough to tell Julia whereas he failed to do so and therefore if Julia never forgave him then what makes him think that she will forgive him and Eladio hanged up.
Eladio accuses Caridad for being the one who told Julia about the truth but she says NO yet Eladio still fails to believe her and Caridad wants him to think whatever suits him.
Nina visits Consuelo with a nurse and she asks Consuelo to give the nurse a room because she is going to stay and take care of the child but Consuelo refuses to let her control her life as she is the one going to take care of her child.
Caridad wants to speak with David but he feels there is no point because if she knows what is good for her she should have left the company long ago after the truth came out and she says she is only there for her son yet David thinks that seems so weird.
Arturo goes to get the information on the witness against Erick from one of the police officers in exchange for money and he tells Arturo to very careful and if they find out, he needs not to mention his name.
Julia calls her dad that she’s found an apartment to move in and therefore will come pick him so he can stay with her there but now she is alone in the house of David. Right after the call, Humberto calls Arturo to inform him that he has to go see Julia now since she is alone in David’s apartment.
David goes to see Franco and he shows him the letter he stole from Julia’s drawer proving that Julia was indeed having an affair with Arturo behind their back and David looks so disappointed and Franco tells him that Eladio even suspected he was Arturo’s son due to this affair and this caused David to go crazy and almost beat Franco for saying all sorts of nonsense about his mum.
Arturo goes to see Julia to give him a chance since she’s left Eladio but Julia says NO nothing can yield between them but Arturo steals a kiss from her and Regina shouts at her dad quickly since she has arrived for a while  and eavesdropping their conversation and both of them become anxious.
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