Mr Perfect season 2 episode 111


I shoke my head a bit realizing she was only screaming in excitement, and speaking of mum playing a video game thats really hilarious.
Me: i chuckled as i went ahead to finish my food, wait a minute does she really know how to play that? i thought as i tiptoed to the living room, to have a brief view of the game.
The character were up again, ready for battle, and then the fight began, i stared at both character which displayed lots of skills, i could tell they were obviously controlled by pro’s. And right now i can hardly decipher which was mum or sophia until the female character was down.
Mum: mama’s got you!! she said with a smile.
Sophia: hahaha ok am gonna have to try again
Me: are my eyes seeing correctly??  Seriously!! I unconsciously yelled out, as they turned facing my direction.
Mirabel: lucas! how long have you been standing there she asked smiling.
Me: for a while now, and you know when i saw you with those gold pads , i thought you were just having fun with the buttons.
Mum: smiling as she looked at him from the corner of her eye’s and now??.
Me: seriously you are a pro, i said smiling, i never knew you play so well.
Mum: i know exactly whats on your mind luke but just for the record, its been a long time hobby she said with a smile.
Sophia: since we both know how to play i think you should be a pro too right. Cos i really wanna see you play with mum she said smiling.
Me: hahaha no no no i suck big time, am sure am gonna lose without even trying i said smiling.
Sophia: shame on you lucas!! You are a guy for crying loud.
Me: hahhaha say what ever you like girl, playing video game isnt just my thing you know.
Mum: yeah sophia you shouldn’t say that you know, i think everyone’s got something they like doing.
Sophia: yeah i understand mum, but i really doubt if lucas has any!!
Me: she was still saying those words when i threw a pillow at her smiling.
Sophia: hahahah mum you can ask him if you think am lying
Mum: and you sound so sure?
Sophia: he’s been my friend for a very long time, i used to think he was cute on those little basket ball outfit, do you wanna know what amuses me?
Mum: tell me she said with a smile.
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Me: hahha sophia stop talking already.
Sophia: he was so lazy!! And feminine he’d cry at the slightest push she said as they both burst into laughter.
Me: hahhaah am so gonna kill you for that sophia i said standing up, as i chased after her, she quickly hid behind mum’s back who did nothing but smile.
Sophia: hahaha mum did you see that.
Mum: hahahaha you know if they weren’t true lucas you’d have reacted differently.
Sophia: ahaaa even mum knows i can’t just make that up.
Me: hahahah seriously it’s been like years, well i wasn’t gonna deny that fact, it’s just weird hearing her say it now. Well since things are now like this i know just the kind of scare package to give you, for this years Halloween i said with an evil grin.
Sophia: hugging Mirabel, i hate halloweens.
Me: i know you do and i also know what you gonna be scared of, i said moving closer, she folded behind mum and hugging too.
Sophia: am not scared!! She said resting her head on mum.
Me: of course you’re not, you know what sophy this time its not gonna be a vampire head, its gonna be a japanesse monster who loves eating life snakes, and its gonna crawl into your room in the middle of night and hamm!!!! I said taking a swift step forward as she jerked in fear.
Mum: lucas!!!! Stop it she’s really scared.
Me: hahahah alright mum am gonna stop, but do you know what amuses me??
Sophia: mum don’t ask him what no one wants to know!!
Me: hahhaa am gonna say it anyway, at the last halloween we had in grade 9 some kids wore a vampire head and everyone was terrified, we all ran to find shelter. Sophia and i hid behind a trash can and the vampire kid found us and then sophia peed!!
Mum: hahahah sophia!!!!
Sophia: i was so scared to death she said hiding her face.
To be continued