Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 105


Me: I do love you Dera, i know its gonna hurt too and perhaps am gonna look out on my window every night, wishing things went differently between us, but for now its all for the best Dera.
Dera: Come on Luke, if this is all a joke you have to stop it right now cause its really scary.
Me: It’s not Dera.
Dera: no….no dont say that to me, i cant take it Luke, perhaps i did something wrong, am sorry Luke just don’t leave me plssss.
Me: Dera, i said holding hands, moving a bit close to her, the problem isn’t you, the problem is me, am just so confused……….i wasn’t done with the words when she swiftly moved her lips into mine as we kissed slowly.
Dera: Breaking from the kiss, there’s nothing to be confused about Luke, i know you love me just as much as i love you, and even now as much as i loved my dad the only reason, i smile and live everyday hoping to see the next is because i found you Lucas.
Me: looking right into her eyes, all i saw was sincerity, there’s just this thing about the way she stared at me. Even when there are consequences?? Dera.
Dera: Am not scared of anything Lucas, not even death. And even when am no more, i can look back from the afterlife with smiles on my face and say to my self i found something much more than life.
Me: And when am no more?
Dera: Paused a bit, i cant take it Luke but you know whats gonna hurt more??
Me: tell me
Dera: The times when i should be hanging out with you and i let them go by, i would never stop blaming myself.
Me: Then to hell with what she saw, i thought. I cant imagine myself away from you either i said slowly.
Dera: And then?? She asked like she’s gonna jump in excitement
Me: Hugging her tightly, its all gonna be fine now i whispered softly into her ears.
Dera: I love you Lucas
Me: I love too Dera.
He was out of the hall in a happy mood, its gonna be fun fun fun!! Non stop he thought as he walked to the boys dorm. He got in touch with a few buddies and they made arrangements to party for the last time before going home tonight.
Ricky as usual was busy inviting everyone who care to listen, when he ran into Dera and Lucas on his way out of the boys dorm.
Ricky: hmmm love birds he said smiling.
Me: The look on your face tells me you are up to something.
Ricky: Its just a party man, last party before vacation he said grinning.
Dera: wooow that’s cool, but where?
Me: Those that matter?? Am leaving tomorrow.
Ricky: Come on this will be the coolest trust me and it tonight actually.
Dera: Smiling you’ve got a lot of time to see mom she said smiling.
Ricky: Speaking of your mom she’s gonna come over one of this day’s right?
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Me: She’s very busy, i don’t think so.
Ricky: Ok man, see ya later tonight at the football peach, there’s gonna be a lot of beer he said grinning and walked away, as we strolled to my room, just when i shut the door, she jumped on me and then we were locked in kisses.
The news she got earlier was really wonderful one, she sat in her office smiling on intervals she could hardly wait to see the weird face of Milano she thought when her dad walked in.
Micheal: I see my baby is happy today.
Mirabel: Oooh dad, you never told me you were coming.
Micheal: I came to check on you, you know he said smiling a bit.
Mirabel: That’s nice
Micheal: So whats making my baby so happy.
Mirabel: A business deal i made went quite successful.
Micheal: Smiling he knew exactly what she was up to. You’ve always been a smart and wonderful lady ever since you were born.
Mirabel: Thanks for the compliment dad.
Micheal: You know ever since you recovered we haven’t really had time for a father and daughter kind of chat.
Mirabel: Ooh sorry, have been really busy you know.
Micheal: Its been a long time so i feel you gonna have a lot of things you’d like to say to me he said grinning a bit.
Mirabel: Whenever her dad is a bit pushy about anything, then be sure he knows a few things about it. Like what dad??
Micheal: Like your kids? He said with a straight face.
Mirabel: She really didn’t see that coming, and how did you find out about my kids she asked looking so surprised.
Micheal: I had thoughts of talking to you of remarrying and having kids, but it looks like that wont be necessary anymore he said with a slight grin. So tell me about your kids.
To be continued