Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 106


Mirabel: she was really disappointed in herself for letting her guard down so easy. Well there’s nothing much to say.
Micheal: am your father Mirabel come on! am not a bad person.
Mirabel: yeah you know what dad, in all of this you are the one who deserves all the blame, i mean all of it she said angrily.
Micheal: Mirabel i know i made wrong decisions, but have never been hurt the way i was seeing you suffer so much. If only saying sorry was enough Mirabel, then i’ll keep saying all my life.
Mirabel: yeah i wish things went differently too dad, but the selfishness in your voice i still recognize. What do you want with my kids?
Micheal: exhaling just wanna see my grand children, and perhaps sometimes on vacations they can come visiting, there’s no better memory than that you know.
Mirabel: and perhaps this time your gonna use them to be the president.
Micheal: am richer than you think Mirabel, looking at everything i own why will i want to be the president?.
Mirabel: then why did i get married to Milano?
Micheal: i thought i was doing the right thing, when i met Martinez, i thought i have found a friend, i needed a real friend not because of money, and i needed a real husband for you too. Well i guess i was wrong, i made him a lot of business deals hoping in the end we all get to be happy.
Mirabel: that’s enough dad, i don’t wanna talk about it anymore. I’ll bring them over on vacation.
Micheal: smiling you really are a wonderful person Mirabel, just like your mum, you have a wonderful heart.
Mirabel: i still feel weird about this, perhaps i should warn you, try any funny games with my kids dad, then you’d have me to deal with.
Micheal: you really look a lot like me than you know Mirabel, he said walking to the door, and thanks for trusting me again he said before walking away.
She really didn’t want her kids around him, behind those nice and innocent smile he wore she knew he had a deep dark secret hidden so well from her. And now her kids would be looking forward to meet him.
Mirabel: she didn’t like the idea one bit she thought, why am i so worried anyway, have made my point already, am sure he wouldn’t try anything funny with them. Calm down Mirabel he just wanna meet them, don’t let whatever happened to you cloud your sense of judgement she thought as she exhaled.
Soon it was dusk, everyone was getting ready for a vacation party, distant loud music was heard. Ricky as usual was on the center of the stage with Mira. And soon it went all wild as everyone danced, drinking themselves to stupor in joy. After a wonderful party we left to our dorm for a good rest.
He was dress wonderfully in his black tux, got to his car and was off the MJ to meet Milano, who was always early whenever he had an important meeting.
Milano: Mr. Forbes, i got your message he said shaking hands with him.
Forbes: have got just a proposal that’s gonna benefit MJ a whole lot he said grinning.
Milano: smiling you are really hardworking and rich but Forbes have never stopped wondering why you spent just so much time and money, sometimes without much benefits.
Forbes: smiling, a true business man uses money to generate money, just wait awhile you gonna understand just why am putting so much effort in this he said with a smile.
Milano: smiling, alright then i’ll be in my office before the meeting starts he said leaving.
And soon it was time for the meeting to kick start, every member of the board was present, seated according to their positions with Milano as the first.
Forbes: its an honor to have you wonderful ladies and gentle men right here, i wouldn’t want to take a lot of your time as i believe we all have a bit of idea why we are here. Have you ever wondered how much profit this company is gonna make, having deals with a company like Fadden’s corp??
Everyone: nodding in agreement as they whispered to each other.
Forbes: ladies and gentlemen i present to you the future of this great company and together lets welcome a wonderful business partner Mirabel Mcffaden, he called her name as she walked in, as Milano stared in shock.

To be continued