Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 103



​We drove to school as she followed me to my room immediately to continue our discussion.
Me: she was barely inside the room, this is just crazy sophia i should have just stayed back you know i said a bit frustrated.
Sophia: calm down lucas theres still time to figure out something you know.
Me: alright i said sitting down on my bed.
Sophia: she walked to the dispenser and poured a glass full of chilled water. Here you go, it will help you calm down she said.
Me: i took the glass of water, as i gulped it down slowly.
Sophia: you dont have to feel pressured about anything, all we have to do is careful relate all she said to current happenings.
Me: really?? I asked with a weird look.
Sophia: lets take it slow, first you have to keep in mind that everything is important.
Me: how do you know alot about this anyway.
Sophia: smiling i spent a long time in mexico, there you’ll find a set of people who believes alot in fortune tellers. Plus have read books about them.
Me: for the first i found something amusing, so am a walking experiment for you psychic revelation reading abilities right?
Sophia: ahahaha well lets save the jokes for later and get to the very important issue we have now.
Me: ok am ready.
Sophia: back in the car you seem to have summarized what she saw the way you understood it. Now i want you to tell me like she said it.
Me: she told me she saw a dragon, a baby dragon precisely, wandering while its mother watched from afar. And somehow i got involved with it thinking it was helpless and weak, but it was more protected than i knew. And then she said to me the baby dragon i found wandering, can now fly and pretty soon its gonna breathe fire, am to keep away to avoid getting burnt.
Sophia: and??
Me: she spoke of the dragon as a human, a lady precisely, and then she told me to be careful, she might not want to hurt me but somehow am gonna get hurt.
Sophia: hearing him narrate everything the psychic said, made goose bumps build up on her skin, he’s been my brother for just a short while and now it seemed like his life is already threatened. I had to act as calm as possible.
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So after short while of thinking, you still think dera is the only lady you’ve helped.
Me: yeah i have a feeling its probably some one am yet to meet because she made mention of 2ladies and am to be weary of the closest.
Sophia: uhmmm a dragon is usually strong, skillful, dangerous and sometime nocturnal, do you think she’s any of those.
Me: she’s abit skillful, but nocturnal not exactly sure
Sophia: and dangerous??
Me: she’s got afew skill but i know she would never hurt anyone.
Sophia: yeah you are right but maybe thats why she was described as baby dragon.
Me: i think you have a point sophia but then i dont think dera can be any of those things, she looks so fragile.
Sophia: lucas this whole thing is really confusing, we both know dera is a nice lady, but for now she’s the only person who fits into some part of this puzzle, so i think you’d have to be careful around her, am not saying she is but……
Me: i get it am gonna be careful i said with a smile, uhmm i think my stomach just grumbled lets grab something to eat.
Sophia: i think my tommy is filled with candies she said smiling, you can go ahead without me.
I walked out, heading toward the cafetaria when i saw dera walked towards the girl dorm with her bag like she was coming from somewhere. I stopped for awhile, staring at her and some how her gaze found mine.
Me: am really not finding any of this funny, first the lady i love is into something dangerous, i wasnt done talking her out of it and now am too be careful around her i thought.
Dera: she saw lucas staring at her, she returned the stare for a while, she smiled abit waved at him as she walked into her dorm.
Me: i couldnt help but smile abit, in the end those smiles at cute. If this is fate then it cruel i thought as i walked into the cafe to eat.
To be continued