Mr Billionaire Episode 9


Watching me I can feel you pull me down –Haunted , Evanescence When I left the house that next morning, I felt this tingle all over my skin. It was that tingle you felt when you knew you were being watched. That tingle that shot you from head to toe. I had convinced Liam to let me walk to work like I used to. Just because I lived with a billionaire didn’t mean I was gonna milk it for all it was worth. I was independent. I could get there on my own.

As I walked the sensation of being watched grew stronger. Chills ran down my spine. I quickly entered Grover Inc. and headed into my office, shutting the door behind me. Could Lucas have been right? Could Gretchen really be trying to kill me? No. No, of course not. Gretchen was a lot of things but a murderer couldn’t be one of them. Then I heard banging at my door and I jumped, fearing the worse.

“B—h, you better open this door!” I heard Levi yell, undoubtedly attracting attention. I quickly opened it and pulled him inside. I poked my head out and said, “Sorry,” to the small crowd that had formed around my office door. When they dispersed, I shut the door and turned to Levi.

“What the hell, Levi?” I snapped. “You’re gonna get me fired.”

“F–k being fired,” Levi snapped back, clearly pissed. “When were you gonna tell me– your best friend– that someone was trying to kill you?” Oh no, Kayleen, you didn’t! “Kayleen came by today. I could tell she was worried about something and she let it slip that Liam’s secretary wants to kill you. ” He shook his head in an agitated manner. “D–n, you could’ve told me.”

“I would’ve,” I finally stammered out after a few seconds of silence. “It’s just that you’re so…rash. You always do things without thinking. Kayleen isn’t as…wild as you, so I told her instead of you or Martia.”

“You’re d–n right I’m rash, Yvonne. Someone’s trying to kill you for crying out loud!” Levi was obviously very exasperated. “What is Liam doing about this situation.” I shifted from side to side under his intense gaze. “You didn’t tell him, did you?” I frowned and that seemed to be the only answer he needed. “Seriously? Are you crazy? You’re with a guy who could easily put an end to this problem and you didn’t tell him?”

“I’m not sure if Gretchen is really trying to kill me,” I protested.

“What the hell are you waiting for Yvonne?” Levi snapped, livid. “Are you waiting for someone to show up at your office with a gun and just kill you here?” My frown deepened as I listened. “Listen, honey, you gotta tell Liam. Maybe he can help you.” He walked over to the door, opened it, then looked over his shoulder at me. “If you don’t tell him I will.”


She left Grover Inc. and was walking back to the Hawke manor as if she were distracted. She’d constantly look back, as though she could feel his eyes on her. The way she walked, the stubborn set of her mouth and the fire in her eyes… She’s so much like her, his subconscious whispered. He shook his head and continued to watch her. He shoved his hand into the pocket of his coat and felt the envelope, overflowing with money. It was time…

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I arrived to the Hawke residence way earlier than Liam, William and Carole. I was alone. I wasn’t sure whether I should feel relieved or afraid. I was relieved. Relieved that I didn’t have to face Liam just yet. But at the same time being here alone was nerve wracking. I took a shower and dressed in sweatpants and a loose fitting shirt. When I walked into the kitchen, I saw a note sitting on the island waiting for me. When I opened it money fell out.

I’ve gone home for the night, it read. There’s money inside this, which you already know by now. Paul should be bringing Liam, William and Carole back by 9:00 tonight. –Chauncey

I looked at the clock. It was only 7:00. So I had to stay here alone for two hours? I was tempted to pick up my cell and call my friends over, but that was just silly of me. I shouldn’t have to be afraid of being alone. I ended up just making myself something to eat and leaving the money inside the note. I didn’t really want to spend their money, even if they were billionaires.

After I finished eating, there was a knock on the door. I glanced at the clock. It was 7:40. So obviously that wasn’t Liam and his parents. Besides, I’m sure they had a key. I warily walked to the door and opened it. A tall handsome man stood before me. He was only twenty five at the most, with shaggy brown hair and deep sea green eyes.

“Yes?” I said timidly.

“My car broke down,” he said to me. He spoke with an English accent. “I was wondering if I could use your phone.”

“Don’t you have a cellphone?” I looked at him mistrustfully.

“It’s dead,” he answered, showing me his dead screen as proof. My phone was upstairs, charging. The only phone around was the house phone in the kitchen. I pursed my lips and nodded.

“There’s a phone in the kitchen.” I opened the door wider, letting him in.