Morning Dose Of Inspiration#27 Be Your Man’s Helper Not His Opposer



  Two weeks ago on the radio, a man called to express how sad he felt because the wife referred to him as useless and didn’t appreciate his effort.

  We need to know Marriage is not a business relationship. It’s not a marketplace to earn profit. You marry because you love your spouse, and to love is to serve. You go into marriage to serve each other. If you go into a marriage or relationship to make money then you are not real.

  Every wife or a lady who wants to get into marriage, needs to know their role and position. “…LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him” – Genesis 2:18 (NLT)

  As a wife, it’s your duty to give assistance to your husband; make it easier for him to do things. You are not in the marriage as a spectator.  Some wives have become critics, nagging always and all they do is put a magnifying glass on their man’s flaws, short falls and weaknesses.

  It gets worse when the woman is on a higher social class than the man; some even treat their husbands like their servant or employee.

  No matter how broke a husband is today, he is still the head of the family. As a wife, never use the advantage you have over your husband against him, to criticize him; rather use it for the benefit of you both.

  You belittle him when you do that and deprive him of his role and identity. He being a husband qualifies you as a wife. You didn’t marry a rich man but a man who is trying to do what is best. If you disrespect him, you have lost respect for yourself too.

  Never allow your ego to cause you to sin against God; empower your husband and motivate him to rise. Shine the spotlight on his strengths and you will be amazed to see his increase.

  Never tell the man you are married to that he is weak; even if he shows signs of weakness tell him he is strong.  Build him up. The purpose of your presence is to build him up not tear him down. Rome was not built in a day and if he is taking steps to provide for his family, support him no matter what.

  Keep this in mind; there are many beautiful things in life, but there’s nothing more beautiful than love. The kind of love where even after years of waking up to the same face, you still thank God you have someone you can call your best friend, who will support you even when others don’t, who will be loyal till their last breath, who will walk through fire for you without a second thought. This is priceless, money cannot buy it. Don’t give up on love just because things are bad now or your man is broke now.

  In conclusion “It’s better to live alone in the desert than with a quarrelsome, complaining wife” – Proverbs 21:19 (NLT)

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