Morning Dose Of Inspiration#10 How To Deal With Inferiority Complex




  “Leah [was] tender eyed; but Rachel was beautiful and well favoured.”
Genesis 29:17

  You can feel useless and inadequate when you are being compared with someone who is obviously better than you. It is even more painful when it is related to issues of love. Rachel was obviously more beautiful than Leah.

  To stop ourselves from developing an inferiority complex, we must develop and concentrate on our strengths and not focus on our weaknesses. Leah had a “strength;” she had tender, or beautiful eyes. When you develop your strength, it can overshadow and cover your weakness.

  Some world class athletes had poor grades, but excellence in sports overshadowed their weaknesses.

  What is your gift? You have something that no one has; use it to erase your inferiority complex!

Credit: Prophet Kakra Baiden