M&N Productions


Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, M & N Pro, the dynamic music producers of Cape Verdean, Zouk, Kizomba, and world music, is comprised of two elements, Miguel Da Silva Lopes, known as ‘Migui’ and Anicete …….., more commonly known as ‘Nicetas.’ The duo joined forces in 1998, and began producing music with the help of Manu Smith. Inspired by music greats like Manu Lima, M&N Pro have continued to produce for artists in the Cape Verdean, Zouk and world market for the past 12 years.

Some of the duo’s earliest successes came from songs such as ‘Kazanga’ from the album, Bem Conche, by award winning group, Quatro. Other earlier successes included ‘Curtisao’ which was featured on an M&N Pro album. Both of these songs went on to become big hits at the PALOPs. Shortly after this, M&N Pro realized even greater success with music produced for artists like Beto Dias, Nelson Freitas, Chelsy Chantel, Jarrion Lautoe and Nilton Ramalho. By the year 2008, they had established themselves in the Cape Verdean and Zouk music industries as top-notch music producers, and were approached by great artists in world music, including from countries like Angola, Mozambique, Portugal, the United States and more, for their productions.

Through their music productions, M&N Pro expresses their love and passion for music. Their productions vary in genre and style, from traditional Cape Verdean sounds to more modern dance and mainstream music that embrace their personal style, music they have come to coin as ‘R & Zouk’.

They are greatly admired for their versatility as producers, yet their canny ability to produce ‘specifically’ for their artist’s unique style. Continuing upon their quest for better and better productions, M&N Pro strives to deliver music that will please fans world-wide, and always contain that special M&N flare!