Mistaken Identity Episode 12


Alan of Sierra Leone was irked. “Stupid! Two hundred thousand dollars for a bus ticket?” Alan asked angrily. “Two hundred thousand dollars!!? Why didn’t you send me to buy you a plane ticket instead,” Ali said not having in mind that his master was talking about the money he sent him to get from his wife.

Alan of Sierra Leone became furious at Ali. “You are senseless my friend. I sent you to go to my wife and take from here two hundred thousand dollars to free me from my bond. I have been waiting for hours and you come here with a bus ticket!!!?” Alan of Sierra Leone asked with anger.

“Sir, what have I done now? I gave you the two hundred thousand dollars some hours ago. You then sent me to buy a bus ticket for you. I was returning from the bus station when I saw you here. I came inside to even ask you what you were doing here, Sir,” Ali elucidated.

“Are you well my friend!!? When did I send you to buy me a ticket? I have been here for hours and besides, I don’t have any plans of traveling!! Better get me my two hundred thousand dollars before I get angry! You thief!!! “Alan of Sierra Leone blurted out.

“Sir, your word hurts me. I have been a loyal servant in your house for ten years. I have never stolen a penny from you even when I had the chance. Why call me a thief now?” Ali asked with a lot of hurt in his voice.

“Why won’t I call you a thief? I sent you to get me money from my wife and you come back here with empty hands. As if that was not enough, you lie to me as well!!” Alan exclaimed.
At this time, the police officer is caught between the two men.

“Please. You people should calm down. There are many people around so solve this case amicably,” the officer advised.

“No Sir! We can’t solve this case amicably. This servant is a useless one! What is his use if he lets me down on the day of my greatest despair,” Alan lamented. “He should give me the money he took from my wife before I deal with him now!!” Alan added still irked.

“What have I done to you Sir? What are you punishing me for? I did exactly what you asked!! Said Ali

“Hold your peace, man!!” Said the officer to Ali. “Don’t you know he is your master!?” the officer added.

“Please officer, hold him rather before he strikes me. You can see how furious he has become,” Ali lamented.
Alan of Sierra Leone saw Caroline entering the police station. She had waited for hours for Ali to bring her husband home and was now weary of waiting.

“Lucy, get dressed! We are going to the police station. I have been waiting for Ali for several hours and it seems he is not coming. I don’t know what has happened to him there. Hurry! Let us go to the police station to find things out for ourselves,” Caroline said as they left the house to the police station.

She took along with her a priest. “Lucy, I suspect that my husband is being possessed by a demon of madness. We need to look for a priest to cast that unwanted spirit out of him,” Caroline said on their way to the police station.

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“Look officer! There comes my wife. She is coming to pay all my debt,” Alan of Sierra Leone face gleamed when he saw his wife.

“Have you brought the money? And why have you kept so long, Alan asked.

Along with Caroline was Lucy and the priest. Caroline became speechless for a while. “What money are you talking about? I sent the money through Ali some hours ago,” Caroline tried to explain.

“Yes, Madam, and I gave the money to him!” Ali blurted out.

“You fool!! When did I receive money from you? The only thing I received from you was this stupid ticket!” Alan of Sierra Leone exclaimed.

“Priest, please help my husband! He is being tormented by a demon! Please cast out this unholy spirit that wants to take control of his mind! I want my husband restored!” Caroline said with anxiety.

“I am not mad!! I am in my right sense of mind!” Alan screamed.

The priest moved closer to Alan. Alan saw him coming and moved back to avoid the priest from touching him.

“Please don’t touch me! I am not mad!!” Alan exclaimed.

“I will not do any harm to you Sir. I just want to have a feel of your hand and let me feel your pulse,” said the priest.

Alan of Sierra Leone gave out his hand. “Take my hand and feel it on your forehead!” Alan said while thacking the forehead of the priest with his hand. The priest raised his hand in defense and pulled back.

“I command you, Satan, taking shelter in this man, to come out of him, according to my prayers and go back to hell!!” The priest yelled.

“Why are you making a scene out of this!? I told you I am not mad and you are there wasting your energy commanding what doesn’t exist. I pray you Sir, use your time and energy somewhere else!” Alan of Sierra Leone said impatiently.

“Insane you are, my dear husband. If not, you wouldn’t demand from me the money I had already sent you!” Caroline exclaimed. Alan became furious by what his wife said.

“You said I am insane? What kind of woman are you? You held the gate against me and prevented me from dining! That was not enough for you! You are applying salt to my wounds by calling me an insane man in public!” Alan said angrily.

“What are you saying my husband? You know well that you dined with me this afternoon at home!” Caroline said, looking very confused.

“Dined at home!!” Alan cried out. “You made this villain here who calls himself my security man insult me as if I was a pauper!” Alan added angrily.

“I? Insult you!? You were in the house dining Sir, so how could I possibly insult you?” Ali asked in disbelieve.

“Shut up, you fool! I don’t have your time now!” Alan screamed at Ali, who became silent. “You can ask my business partner, my wicked wife! He will explain to you how you kept me from entering my house. You disgraced me in front of him. I went away angry and had to go to a restaurant to eat from there with my business partner,” Alan said with tears filled in his eyes.

To be continued….