Mistaken Identity Episode 11


Ali was more confused that Alan. Was his master well mentally? Was he suffering from amnesia? “Sir, what are you saying? Have you forgotten you sent me an hour ago to get this money from your wife? Please, take this money before your wife gets angry with me for not bringing it to you. She waits for you in the house and is expecting your return, Sir,” Ali said as he forcefully handed the money to Alan of Gambia.

Alan of Gambia took the money, but was feeling uneasy. He had never requested that amount from anyone.
At that very moment, a gentleman approached them. Believing he had seen friends, he walked towards the men.

“It is good to see you here, Sir Alan,” the gentleman said as he approached the men.

Alan looked at him thinking to himself,

“Humph!! Oh God, not again. Another person which I know not also calls me by name.” The gentleman looked at the painting Alan was holding.

“Oh Sir, you were able to collect your painting from the artist!” he smiled. “Anyway, I came to take the items I asked you to clear for me at the port,” the gentleman added.

Alan of Gambia was short of words. What the hell was that? When did he meet this gentleman to negotiate such an arrangement? Until now, he had never seen him in his life.

“Satan! I command you to go away from me!” Alan charged at the gentleman. “Why are you all behaving as if you know me from birth? I have had enough of this nonsense!!” Alan exclaimed.

“Master, is this fine gentleman Satan?” Ali asked.

“Yes! He is the devil. He has come in a human form to confuse me and make me look like a madman. But, glory be to God that he had shone His light on him to expose him. It is written that the workers of darkness appear to men as angels of light, light is an effect of fire, and fire will burn. Don’t go near him because he is of the devil,” Alan said pushing Ali beside him.

The gentleman laughed his heart out because he considered Alan’s utterance as a joke.

“You guys are ridiculous, Sir!” With that, the gentleman points to his house.

“Sir Alan, we can go into my house. My wife has prepared a meal. We can dine and talk there,” the gentleman requested.

“Master don’t go. You said he is the devil and as it is always said, he who dines with the devil must have a long spoon,” Ali exclaimed. Alan became worried by what Ali said.

“Please, go away from me this moment! I won’t dine with you, devil!” Alan blurted out.

The gentleman smiled sweetly and held out his hand. “If you won’t go to my house to dine with me Sir, then give me the items, and I will be gone. I don’t want to trouble you,” the gentleman demanded. Ali became pensive for a while.

“The devil is indeed cunning. Master, be wise! Don’t give the items to him. He is the devil and would disappear with it,” Ali said.

At this time, the gentleman is no longer amused. He became impatient.

“Sir, please, my wife waits my return. Give me the items or the money or yet still the painting you are holding. From what I heard, the painting is of the same value as my goods,” the gentleman demanded. He moved closer to Alan of Gambia. “Sir, I hope you don’t mean to cheat me?” he asked when he got closer.

“Go away you devil!!” Alan yelled when the gentleman got closer. Now recognizing Ali as the security he met earlier in the day, he held his hand.

“Come on let us go away from here! I need you to show me where the bus station is,” Alan said as he dragged Ali along.

The gentleman watched in shock as they strode away with Alan turning his head in both directions as if lost in the jungle.

“I am very sure Alan is mad else he would never demean himself! He has my items worth close to two hundred thousand dollars and he behaves as if I gave him nothing. Yes! It is true! This man is mad! Aside this awkward behavior of his towards me now, he came to the restaurant telling a mad story of his wife preventing him from entering his house. I wouldn’t blame the poor woman if she indeed did what he accused her of doing looking at how mad he has become!”

The gentleman continued to think. “I will go to his house now and tell his wife that his husband, being lunatic, refuses to give me the items he cleared from the port. I think this is the right approach. Two hundred thousand dollars is too much to lose!”

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Alan of Gambia was famished as he was walking with Ali who had become an acquaintance because of the incident that took place earlier. He decided to pass by a restaurant to have a meal and sent Ali to buy him a ticket instead.

“Ali, I have not eaten since I ate from that woman’s house. What is her name again? Eh… eh… Caroline,” Alan said.

“Yes, you mean madam? But, why do you call your wife “this woman”?” Ali asked.

“Stop asking me stupid questions my friend! I don’t even have a fiancée to talk of a wife,” Alan retorted. Ali became confused, but brushed aside the comment by his master and considered it as a joke.
With that, Ali left immediately to the bus station to buy a ticket for his master while Alan of Gambia went into a nearby restaurant to eat.

Alan of Sierra Leone reassured the police officer, who is well aware of his wealth, but weary of waiting for his wife to bring the money. “Don’t worry, man, I will not run away from here! I will pay the money before I leave here. My wife is behaving awkward today and will not easily trust the messenger’s word that I have been arrested in the street. I tell you, it will sound harshly in her ears!” Alan of Sierra Leone tried to explain to the now impatient police officer.

Ali was passing by the police office to deliver the ticket when he saw his master in the police station. “What is wrong with my master today? One moment he is free and another moment he is bound. What is the problem this time,” he said as he entered into the police station.
Alan of Sierra Leone saw Ali approaching and carrying in his hand a bus ticket.

“Here comes my messenger my man! I think he is bringing the money!” Alan said happily to the police officer. “Did you get what I sent you for?” Alan of Sierra Leone asked Ali. Ali nodded stretching out his hand to show his master the bus ticket.

“Master, you won’t believe how I struggled to get this!” said Ali as he expressed a gesture of accomplishment.

Alan of Sierra Leone took the ticket and frowned. “But where is the money?” he asked harshly.

“But why Sir, you gave me money to only buy a bus ticket. This is the balance of the money you gave me,” Ali said as he handed to his master some few notes.

Alan of Sierra Leone was irked. “Stupid! Two hundred thousand dollars for a bus ticket?” Alan asked angrily.

“Two hundred thousand dollars!!? Why didn’t you send me to buy you a plane ticket instead,” Ali said not having in mind that his master was talking about the money he sent him to get from his wife.

To be continued….