Mission Impossible Episode 5


I was that dark handsome guy that a girl would stare at once i pass by her.my early life hustle had given me that physical body built with 6 packs,intimidating chest especially when i take off my cloth or when am on just singlet.then my muscles were growing and developing very well.

school went on well for my first month in school but there was these lecturer mr Mike who enjoys making jist of me every wednesday that he is always having us. he would just get into the lecture hall,teach a little & then i become his next topic till his period ends & trust students they would laugh & laugh like it was what they came to school to learn.

These single act began to disturb me,whenever am going for lectures i find my self being scared with my heart beating continuously & whenever i get into class am always feeling ashame somehow ofcourse ashame of being mocked.

Another problem am having is that, each day i get home i meet a letter hanging on my door, a times on my bed. it a letter of warning from d most dread cult group on campus


always warning me to join them or die in few days time & with this am sure my continuing in unilag is at risk so i might have to drop sooner or later.who would i tell or where would i hide to continue.

Today being wednesday i entered the lecture hall with my heart in my hand because we wld be having mr mike today, first period for that matter and unfortunatly for me he was already lecturing before i stepped into the hall.i couldnt enter through back door because he always lock the two back doors once he is in the hall leaving just the fronts doors open.

I Entered & greeted him

Mr Mike:come back here(i walked back & faced him and sure the whole class were ready to laugh)are u a student or a cleaner(the class laughed)

Me: (oh not again o lord)yes sir(i replied with a shaken voice)

Mr Mike:yes sir what? That u are a student or a cleaner?

Me: (stil on shaken voice)am a student sir

Mr Mike:am not sure u are a student,look at what u are putting on,already washed out second hand clothes(i became ashamed instantly and he continued making fun of me)if u don’t have clothes to wear then go & borrow(the class bursted out with laughter.the man was embarrassing me in the presence of hundreds of students.tears began to run down my eyes but he never cared,he was having a good time with me.he continued)yesss if u dont have u borrow & return after use.who says borrowing is a sin! but if u borrow the one the owner would use to trace u to class hmmm(class kept laughing)go & sit down and dont wear rags to my class,u are no difference with u from a cleaner(laughs continues)…..

I walked with an already wobbing legs,tears filled eyes to a seat & sat down the seat was vacate,shame wouldnt let me sit with someone,all the teachings of mr mike for that day i can’t recall & sure enough he knows nothing,he teaches like a primary 1 teacher & left for me alone he is not worth begin a lecturer.

In my tears as i bow my head to my seat desk with & support of both hands two guys walked into the lecture hall

Mr Mike:where are this once from(d class laughed their ususal way)

1st Guy:heey jam am dia

2nd Guy:abeg leave am make we proceed

1st Guy:no maro,make we leave this jews…..mr mike couldnt say a word again,i didnt raise my head though because i was in deep pains caused by the embarrasement from mr mike.

The guys walked up to me

1st Guy:hey mr josing stand up….i raised my head up, the whole class were watching even mr mike, the guys looked very ragged & they are well built than i am,their trousers were almost on their kneels exposing their boxers.i quickly stood & the first guy entered

2nd Guy: oyah u enter make u sudon(sit down)


1st Guy:are u deaf? Sit down

Me: (entered & sat down)

2nd Guy: oh i forget say na oyinbo guy o(sat down too,i was now in their middle shivering)

1st Guy:for this hot sun na im u dah shiver

2nd Guy: the man neva get liver now….they sat there with me till our 4 lectures for the day finished,then stood up and left both hitting my cheek.i stood up quickly & left for home.

I got to my lodge,opened my door & behold the deadly letter on my bed with a small axe tied with red piece of cloth on top of it.fear griped me,i went outside to checking if my door was tampered with but it wasnt,i checked the windows & both windows were intact,i picked up & letter & read through it & it reads



i was already sweating like it was raining on me,i throw the letter down.quickly packed my things,i must live back to Edo to save my life,i rushed out of the house & behold they were up to 11 of them,all on black from head to toe holding similar axe i saw on my bed & hitting it continously on their left palm.i stood transfixed as beads of sweats drops. . .

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To be continued