Mission Impossible Episode 4


I woke up in the afternoon of the next day.my sight was blurry i could see that people where gathered

Sir Winners:daniel do you know your mother’s place?

Me:no sir,but she told me that her parents are late and my grandfather too

Sir Winners:hmmm ok,

she would be burried here then…i had someone say

“oh,small fine boy,see what he is passing through at this tender age”.

Youths were organized to dig my mothers grave and she was burried close to my step father.my little step siblings dont really understand what was happening.the first born(girl)whom was just 11years of age and her brother the second whom was just 8years of age seem only to understand that their mother was dead but had no idea of their father,the last born whom was just 5years was just playing around unconcious of what’s happening.i looked at the crying two and the one playing and felt pity for them

look at wonderful children with a ghost father and now the only person to encourage them is gone and look at me,i dont even know where i stood.

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Days turned into weeks,weeks into months and months into year.Sir Winners is a good man,i learnt he was a retired custom.he enrolled the children into school and paid for my final exams(WAEC).i knew sir winners was trying his best.he has helped me changed my name to DANIEL KYBEE and was really struggling to train us but i just dont belong here,a new chapter had been opened in my life.I knew sir winners would have to really struggle to get me into the university after my jamb and being that he is also financing my step siblings education, i made up my mind to survive for myself because the old man had really tried.so i began doing little odd jobs and began saving the money.

After a year i made extra cash,i took my jamb and passed it scoring 240,i had put in for unilag and by then i was 20years of age.

I escaped from the house one night without anyone’s notice,i only left a letter thanking the family for what they have done for me and promising to come back once i find my biological father.

I took a night bus to lagos and by the time we got to lagos it was morning.i went to unilag to access the school environment and rented a student lodge.waiting for the post UTME i began doing odd jobs like joining in the building of houses,digging foundation etc.

I stopped after post UTME and went in search of my biological father but never found him. Then admission list was out and my name was shortlisted exactly for the course i choose (ECONOMICS).in no time,school was on

After 4yrs i had now become a first year student of unilag.life goes on but had i known what awaits me,had i been told what i would turn out to be maybe i would had avoided it.



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To be continued