Mission Impossible Episode 43


We watched the girl ran out of the house while observer ran after her,everyone was looking at everyone and everything went dead as nothing.o wait a minute,only one thing would had made daddy react in such a manner,that must be the daughter of late chief soso,yea now i understand,observer can actually be married to an enemies son but the enemy is dead nau,i must talk to daddy about it for him to have a change of mind,dad really over reacted chai,i never see this man vex like this before o.

As i stood up to leave i had step mother’s voice

Step Mum: dan who is the girl?

Me: (see me see question o,na me and ur pikin dey friend am!)never seen her before

Step Mum:then why is my husband so worked up

Me: (wic kind wahala be dis na,go ask ur husband abeg fah)how on earth would i know if ur husband doesnt tell us

Step Mum:there is something u and ur father aint telling us

Me:abeg abeg hold it there,what’s that supposed to mean? If anyone is hidding anything it should be u and ur husband because its a shame that u cant question ur husband in situations like this.

Step Mum: (hits her hand on the table as she stands up)enough of ur insults,how do u expect me to question my husband?

Me: oh its daniel that should be questioned abi? Shebi nah daniel too know book nah kom like to write jamb every year bah! If u cant play ur motherly role to ur son and cant question ur husband when the need arrives then why are you his wife? (demostrate with my hand)pls dont use these as an excuse to attack me,nonsense…

I stormed out of the dinning room,the children watched this seemly movie with a confused emotions,o boi hunger no catch anyboby again be dat o,chai this was why i prefer it to be done at dinner,shebi i for just sleep forget everything.

I got into my room and badged the door,i sat down on my bed,chai how foolish is observer for him to bring in a girl he had known nothing about but sha there are probabilities that the girl in question is a big liar,fine girls can lie,so i heard but havent witnessed any,hope my nancy wont be like that because my love wont be blind to that extend.

I lied on my back and kept thinking

Josey:big bro,what is happening?

Me: (sat up right)what is happening as how…i must had been so lost in thought and didnt notice her coming in.

Josey: dad’s reaction and urs

Me:how did i react?

Josey:big bro u were rude for the first time.

Me:were u blind when that woman tackled me like i was a suspect?

Josey:i know but u should have just walk away instead of exchanging words with her

Me: (thought for some seconds)come sit with me dear come(she sat close to me)am sorry ok,i was angry but i would go apologise to mum now

Josey:thanks big bro(my door flung open)

Step Mum:hope i can come in?

Me:yea why not

Step Mum: (walks in) dani love am sorry i let out the blames on u,pls forgive

Me:no mum,i should be saying the sorry not u,i was careless with words

Step Mum:its ok

Josey:hey nice,now can we all march into daddy’s room and question his actions?

Me:mehn u are a genius,lets go

Step Mum:yea lets go….

We all marched to dad’s room,we knocked and opened without waiting from a reply,then we met him pissting about in his room looking so worried,then we began to question and brug him to tell us his reasons for rejecting the girl as a daughter inlaw

Dad: ok fine,i rejected her because she isnt good enough for my son

Me:how dad?

Dad:those days when i was a widower,she was one of the girls that i slept around with and paid off,she is a harlot

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All:jesus!!!! (my step mum looked at me with a wide open mouth,then we had someone clapping,we all turned to see it was no one else but observer)

Observer:bravo,superman for girls

Me:hey watch ur tongue and dont u dare insult my father or

Observer: or what? So u planned it with ur so called father,dont worry i would be introducing a new bride tomorrow since u and ur father had succeeded

Me:come u dis boy u darft? U want to marry a girl ur step father had bleeped,not once,not twice but countless times….

Then he threw his hand to slap me but i get hold of his fist in the air

Me:guy u forget who i be? Sky the Ever One Man Squad Galadima abi u wan enter my book of death?

Step Mum:stop this now,isaac are u mad,look what u want for a wife,a harlot

Observer:mum even u? (let go of his fist forcefully) count war ahead!!!…he stormed out of the room

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To be continued