Mission Impossible Episode 41


We both rushed down to my father’s room and met my step mother sitting on the bed with her face buried on her hand and crying

Me:am sorry ma,u aint the cause of my moody attitude,please stop crying and dont leave(she pretended not to notice us and keep crying)

Josey:mother if you leave everybody in this house would follow u and u know what that means so please brighten up

Step Mum:then why would he suddenly become a shadow of his self,why would he suddenly become a sadist just after i married his father

Me:no mother dont say that,u are not the cause and would never be,dont worry i would tell the family why during lunch with the help of josey

Step Mum: (smiles and wipe her tears)so josey u have been gossiping with daniel,just dont worry i would not get u chocolates again (she joked)

Josey:hahaha then u would buy me a car(she joked back).



During the afternoon time,lunch was set and trust my family when it comes to food,we eat together except if anyone travels or if one is sick. It was a large dinning table,large enough to contain the seven of us and to some extra a-s lolz.

We all ate in silence till the meal was over,plates packed off and the table mat cleaned,mind u we have maids.then josey started as planned

Josey:bigger bro

Observer:yes angel

Josey:if a brother of urs falls inlove with ur gal what would u do?

Observer:broke his head ofcourse, why would a brother of mine fall for my girl

Josey:let asume he wasnt aware of it earlier

Observer:thank God that now he knows so he should stop asuming and wakeup from his dreams(me i was crying inside me,dad and mum watched and listened just to figure out what was wrong)

Josey:hmmm if i were to be u i would kill him

Observer:com’on stop that, why would i kill a brother of mine for a girl

Josey:ah,if u can break his head then u can kill him

Observer:josey enough of this,u are too young to know what relationship is all about,am not sure u are even up to 17 and u are already asking questions of this kind abi u now have a boyfriend?

Josey:no o but planning to have

Observer:u better cancel that plan today o

dad:hahaha, what are the both of you driving at

Me:hmmm,only one thing can take away that man in a man and that is woman

Step Mum:am beginning to smell love in the air,abeg who is she?

Me:i know i have been acting strange for some time now but i just have to come off it because my brother here obser..oh sorry isaac is already in love with her and i sincerely apologise

Dad:i have never heard u talk of a woman before daniel so who is this girl u both are dying for(observer’s mouth was already wide open)…

Step Mum:yes who is she….

There was silence in the room as observer looked confused and i looking shy then she broke the news

Josey:mum, dad, her name is nancy the girl that testified in the interest of big bro in the court

Observer:hahahahahahahaha, wait o u mean nancy? Nancy is not my girlfriend and u know that,my girlfriend’s name is stella and am even planning to bring her to see u guys

Me:u mean u aint dating her?

Observer:yes am not

Me:woaw am so happy,thank u so much

Dad:hmmm so a woman had been eating up my son’s heart?

Step Mum:i want to see this woman

Dad:yes bring her to me

Observer:but dad there is a problem

Dad:what’s the problem?

Observer:i havent seen or heard from her ever since the end of that court case….

Quickly my mood changed again as everyone went silent

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To be continued