Mission Impossible Episode 11


Still on the call

Me:a brother betrayed a brother! who be that?

Capon:dont worry,i go give am race for this town and kosi koko lo ma shelle(and nothing would happen)this na unilag,my capalar,every josing man must be deleted

Me:capon d person wehy f–k dis up we go f–k am down

Capon:where is matchety

Me:he is here with me

Capon:make u guys dey well,make una dey careful for now and make una show for tonight meeting

Me:no yawa capo…call ends

Matchety:which brother f–k this up?

Me:me never know but na deleting things

Matchety:unilag go hot no,ogbah go dey on

Me:guy anyhow na.


That night we assembled for a meeting.we sang and dance around for some time before the angrily seated capon asked us to stop.

Capon: (angrily)BLACK MEN

All:we are your shadows


All:we follow you anywhere you go


All:but nothing goes for nothing….

Capon:i dey vexx,i dey die.person get mind,carry s–t rub me for face

Viper:capo if person open eyes bit my head without fearing d brain,ah,when i dey bite him yarsh,god go punish the s–t wey dey im yarsh Mighty

Joe:chai chai,god punish devil.

Matchety:i go run am,only me go run am na

Capon:dem fall my butcher dem no think am twice that one no dey too vex but the one wey vex me be say na one brother betray im own brother for sake of money and enemity between dem

All:chaaiiii,na which brother f–k dis uuupp

Capon:Cloud fall out(cloud came out shivering) cloud why u fuckup,u forget say i be ur shadow,i dey follow u.i know every move u take,why would u betray a brother?

Cloud: (kneeling)no be my intention capo,nah mistake abeg make una forgive me,na ordinary bet i bet with the guy o,i no no say d guy na ELVIS

Capon:u use ur brother bet? kom collect d money without winning the bet abi? guys make una first observe some silence for a fallen soldier of this brotherhood and of this fraternity(everywhere became as silent as a grave yard,after some minutes the capon continued)cloud forgiveness na sin but i forgive u so fall back to ur stand

Cloud:thank u capon…

That night we planned how to revenge butcher’s death in 3 days time and everything was well planned.


I was surprised to find out that skipper(that my friend)was the capon of ELVIS and i never knew that but today being 3rd day,the judgement day.we got to the school gate(3 of us.myself,matchety and viper)on mask,carrying guns in our bags.many of our people are already inside the school waiting to be supplied with the guns to poff out.

We walked passed the security men on our black up and down straight to the fence and each of us throw our bags over the fence into the school compound,we pretended to want jumping over the fence too into the school,just then we saw the securities approaching us but before they could close up on us(we had no intentions of running)an army van covered up.pulled over and four soldiers rushed out with guns.

1st Soldier: (pointing gun at us)what did u guys just threw over the fence. . Yawa don gas. .

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To be continued