Missing Diamond Episode 6


  He wondered if he’ll ever see her again. So many questions ran though his head as he stood there is stunned. Trying desperately to know where she had passed. Soon he saw her quietly starring off into the main entrance. She was making her way towards the door.

  “Excuse me! Please stop moving and listen. Who are you and what are you doing here?” Asked King Samuel. 

  She didn’t want to give out her identity to anyone.  “Excuse me for being rude but you asked not one, but two questions, I’m Irene.” She held out her hand to shake his and he accepted the greeting. He had not been able to tell that she was lying about her name as well. 

  Whiles he was chatting with her, they were interrupted by the king’s advicer. “Hello your highness, he greeted. “Who’s this you have with you?” 
  “Hello, Fred this is Irene!” he introduced the girl with pleasure. King Samuel did not recognize her but Fred his personal adviser did. His face showed his shock but he quickly regained his conscience. 

  This girl was not as the king introduced her, she is an Aristan from their rival kingdom. He decided to hold his tongue but drew the king aside. The king excused himself from Irene’s presence and followed Fred to an isolated area.

  “Does she know you are the king of this kingdom?” Fred asked worriedly. “Yes.” The king answered. Fred rolled his eyes helplessly and informed the king, “Forgive me your grace for saying so, but that girl is an Aristan, from our rival kingdom.” The king’s eyes widened in shock.

  The king turned back to study the girl but returned his gaze to Fred quickly. “You won’t tell her will you? Her or the elders?” That was the king “What?” Fred asked. “Please don’t! She might not hang around with me if she knows I’m an enemy.” said the king. Fred thought for a moment but agreed. The king thanked Fred softly and returned to Irene

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  ‘Today the news will break that the missing half of the Aritan Stefani diamond has been found. The stones are to be reunited. King Boateng’s Legacy is about to be fulfilled.’ 
  Irene’s eyes were widen in sock. 
  ‘I don’t understand.’

  ‘I am in possession of the missing half of the Stefani jewel. Which means that I will now rule both Calista and Aristo.’ ‘When did this happen?’ Irene continued. ‘When was it found? And why are you telling me all this”

  Turning, he fingered the necklace that hung between her pearly white breasts. ‘This is the Stefani diamond.’ He saw her frown. ‘This is the missing half of the Stefani diamond.’

  ‘Don’t be silly.’ Irene smiled, the only woman who might say that to a king and get away with it. ‘It was my mother’s necklace. It is worth nothing. It’s probably just made of glass.’

  ‘No.’ said the king. ‘That is the jewel my father has been searching for. I would recognize it anywhere because is the same as the one in my crown.’

  ‘Why would my mother have such a precious diamond?’ Irene reasoned. ‘She was a palace maid. My mother wasn’t a thief…’ 
  ‘A thief could not take this. These are royal jewels, guarded, accessible only to the highest members of the family.’ Said the king

  ‘Then how?’ Irene blinked. 
  ‘Your mother,’ the chief priest who was few feet away interrupted, ‘was King Boadi’s mistress.’ ‘My mother?’ Irene shook her head at the impossibility. 

  ‘The wise one, that is impossible. How could you even think it?
  “Your mother was King Boadi secret lover”


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