Mind Tumor chapter 3



Patient ID: Both Sexes
Diagnosis: Mind Tumor [ chapter 3]
Presciption: MindSurgery


Sometime ago, i sampled answers from 18 friends from a question i borrowed from my prime Mentor and role model Mr. jESUS the cHRIST. It was a question he asked in the constitution[BIBLE] of our country; ”WHO do men say i am”.

I had interesting answers very different from the answers Jesus had. Some said ”oh you are a nice person, a cool guy, sometimes strict, multi-talented and gifted, thinks differently, etc” surprisingly they hid the weak side of me they may have noticed. But their submissions were adjectives of my personality but not WHO I AM. #YouSeeYourFace?

Nobody, actually said i was trying to wear the brand of another man. My philosophy may be like a role model who passed away with his wife and 7 other crew in a plane clash but i dont try to ”ACT” and ”COPY” his personality. Jesus was thought to be Elijah or John the Baptist [Mark 8:27-28] but he has a unique idenification card only Peter could tell by REVELATION.

All of the above drive to one point, a leading cause of this MIND TUMOR called Self Identity Crisis [SIC]. It is the MISCONCEPTION OF IMITATION! Imitation is not the same as Counterfeit in the context of a scripture.
1 Corinthians 11:1  Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ. [NKJV]

I see a lot of imitations of PERSONALITIES we are not. Due to this tumor many have pursued professions that are killing them and taking away the joy God has placed in their lives. And so they have enviable jobs but are using their profits to pay bills instead of build a life with it.

In the next episode, we will perform mindsurgery on IMITATION, a leading cause of this Mind Tumor called Self Identity Crisis.
Keep broadcasting and Love you.

The MindSurgeon

Teampobs ✌